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Scial Media Certifications: Incredible Growtho

In recent years several social media platforms have been popularized. The social media has set a benchmark in every organization. Social media has considerably changed the aspect of the marketing world in a positive way. The social media has shortened the distance between customers and organizations drastically.

Now there is no need for any third party to endorse any product or service. All most all the organizations across the globe are using various social media platforms effectively for marketing purposes.

They don’t have to spend a handsome amount of capital to endorse their products and services, but they are indeed hunting for certified social media marketing professionals to do handle their advertisement sector.

These certified social media marketing professionals have all the required skills and knowledge to design, manage and implement all sorts of marketing strategies on various social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and so on. For this very reason, the vacancies and demands in for a certified social media expert have considerably increased.

Statistics Related To Social Media Certifications Programs

It is reported that the number of students enrolled in the social media program that was introduced by the Media bistro Association doubled in the 2011-2012 session. The Media bistro association provides two social media certificate programs:

  • A six-course program for $1650
  • A 12-course program for $3200

Another famous social media program was launched by the HootSuite University, which had a tie with the HootSuite Pro Membership for $30.99 per month. About 19,000 people enrolled in this program, out of which 4,000 became HootSuite University Certified Social Media Marketing Experts with the help of Hootsuite’s well-designed courses, which were meant for both social media platform and understanding the social media trends.

Another association that launched social media marketing programs is Salesforce Marketing Clouds. It is claimed that individuals who got certified by this association has all the knowledge and required skills to analyze the social media algorithm and trends, easily.

Some of the flexible online social media marketing course providers who have provided the best social media marketing certifications. These are just examples. There are many other online course providers who are well recognized in providing social media certification.

Benefits Of Social Media Certification

When it comes to benefits, then the Social Media Certification can be highly beneficial for those who are interested in building their career in the digital marketing field. So here are some of the major benefits one can get by achieving the Social Media Marketing Certification.

It Increases The Credibility Of An individual

Currently, every field has become highly competitive, in order to get recognized by any organization or company, an individual needs to have out of the box skills and knowledge of various fields that can be used to benefit an organization. The companies across the globe search for something unique in a person’s resume that will help him to outshine other individuals.

So having a social media certification will stand as a leading proof of a person’s skills in the social media platform. It is important to have certifications that are necessary in the present world. The demand for social media certification is indeed increasing day by day. So having social media certification increases the credibility of an individual.

It Fills Up The Gap Of Formal Education.

The gap mentioned here is the gap between a formal degree. Many individuals don’t have a college degree can do a social media certification course. Well, having this credential in the resume will indeed help an individual to land on a job position. It is a skill-based certification, and skill is more important to beat the competition.

Having social media marketing skills can increase an individual’s chances to become a successful social media marketing expert. One can also start his own start-up related to digital marketing with this certification.

Boosts confidence

The Social Media Certification is a bit difficult, and indeed it increases your knowledge and skills to handle some difficult projects. Having this certification, one can be confident enough about all sorts of challenges that may arise in the journey of handling any venture.

Having a certification not only boosts a person’s but also boosts one’s confidence. And most of the time, people become successful because of their confidence. A person can possess all sorts of skills and knowledge, but if he/she does not have the confidence, then it makes them equivalent to a person who has no knowledge or skills.

The Social Media Certification Course Is Pocket-Friendly

Social Media Certifications aren’t costly, like other certifications. It is affordable, and if utilized, it will stand to be fruitful for the certification holders. An individual having Social Media Certification can have a bright future as a freelancer. There are many Social Media Certificate holders who work from home, and their employers are ready to pay for the maintenance of their certification.

We all know that an employer will never be spent on his employees until and unless it is beneficial for the employer. On average, a Social Media Certification costs about $80, which makes this certification most affordable amongst all other certifications.

Enhances The Career

Having a social media certification shows the ability of an individual to manage and carry out social media operations with ease. Well, nowadays, everything is processed or carried out through a digital platform.

In order to work with these platforms, one should know the popular and current trends of the platform, well a certified Social Media Expert has all the required skills and knowledge to navigate an organization to carry out operations digitally. These social media experts can help in digital marketing, analyzing digital growth, and can give all sorts of data regarding any digital platform.

The other Popular Certification That’s making round in the Digital World is ITIL Certification, with this certification you can easily create digital campaigns.


In order to stay at the top of digital marketing career, one should always remember that every now and then, something new is added to the digital world. A person with Social Media Certification should understand that he/she has to track new social media-based certification courses to increase their credibility as a social media expert.

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