Secrets To An Entrepreneurial Life, Part IV

Secrets To An Entrepreneurial Life, Part IV

Bo Peabody is an author, serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist who lives in New York.

Bo founded his first company, Tripod, in his dorm room at Williams. Then he sold it to Lycos in the late 1990s and made a fortune on Lycos stock. Then he sold almost every share of that stock at the peak of the dotcom bubble and invested in bonds and a house.

Since then, for obvious reasons, everyone has asked Bo whether he was lucky or smart

Bo wrote a book about that question: LUCKY OR SMART: Secrets For An Entrepreneurial Life. It’s part “how to,” part memoir, and part philosophy. It’s an inspiring story that every entrepreneur should read.

Continuing with its attempt to entrepreneurial wisdom, WITS Zen curates a series of write-ups from Business Insider

This is IVth in the series. Click here for Part IPart II, and Part III

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