10 Shopify Trends For 2020

10 Shopify Trends For 2020

Digital marketing and eCommerce are growing at a fast pace. Knowing the nonstop and ongoing changes has become difficult at the same time.

Among all eCommerce platforms, Shopify is the leading one. Undoubtedly, it is ruling!! We do not have any idea of how many users are using it. We know that is big, but how much is not known to anyone!!

As per the statistics, it attains 20% of the market share. It has a huge database of Shopify professionals who offer marketing tasks such as Shopify SEO services.

Comparatively, Shopify is the third-largest merchant after eBay and Amazon. Almost, 87% of the retailers are using the apps, from which Shopify apps provide more than 2500 apps.

The conversion rate of Shopify stores for emails is 4.29%, the search is 3.04%, direct is 2.93%, and social is 1.81%.

The revenue of Shopify in the first quarter was $320.5 million in 2019, which is a jump of almost 50% comparatively in the last year.

Till now, it is clear that Shopify secures immense popularity. To get into more depth, it is imperative to know the leading trends that it will bring in 2020.

After knowing the trends, you can streamline your business goals and succeed. Besides, you can also understand the buyer tendencies and market movements.

So, here we are presenting the Shopify trends that we are likely to see in 2020. Let’s get started!!

Table Of Content

  • Leading Shopify trends-2020
  • Social proof
  • Shopify trends Influencers
  • Mobile optimization
  • Gen Z shoppers
  • Oberlo App
  • Shopping Marketing Experience
  • Headless Shopify
  • Progressive Shopify apps
  • Bespoke subscription programs
  • Tailored and unique customer experience
  • Wrapping Up

Leading Shopify Trends-2020

1. Social Proof

How To Use Social Media To Engage With Local Audiences

The first and foremost trend that every buyer would preferably be looking for is product reviews and social proof. This is not surprising, as all are social animals and need confirmation and opinions from others before spending hard-won cash.

Product reviews eliminate buyer guesswork and allow them to identify in advance what they can anticipate before receiving the product. As per the recent study, it is concluded that more than 95% of the potential buyers prefer reading reviews before buying.

There might be some of the false reviews so it is advised to do not to follow every review for every service and product. It might be the prompt way to get success but it is a short-lived process.

The best way to collect reviews in the Shopify storefront is to draw the product and conduct follow-up emails after receiving the delivery confirmation. You can ask them to provide a fair evaluation of the product.

2. Shopify Trends Influencers

Undoubtedly, the influencers are omnipresent. Even if, right now, you are considering your Shopify eCommerce business in a serious manner, then you can get a strong social media presence. In order to gain more profitable results from social marketing, then, understand the power of influencer marketing to secure the leading position.

The influencer marketing makes double efforts on the social media handles and gets those buyers who check your Twitter or Instagram pages. Several ways are there to get the influencer marketing, the best one has to have relied on the set of the products or the type of products that you are providing.

If the product that you have sent has the elegant packing, then ask your buyer to make a video and upload it on different pages. Also, if the product has something related to assembling then, ask them to make a video on showing how the product can be assembled.

3. Mobile Optimization

10 Shopify Trends For 2020

The world is mobile now. Most of the users prefer using mobile for everything. Undeniably 71% of the sales come from mobile devices when it is about Shopify.

Though, most of the Shopify store owners must have optimized their stores for mobile. But, there are more elements that the Shopify eCommerce website experts are generating to get more traffic and higher conversion rates.

If we consider the case of Apple that has launched AR Quick Look that allows the iPhone owners to check the 3D models effectively, considering that, Shopify has also launched a 3D model developer kit that authorized the experts or the developers to develop the 3D product models.

Certainly, it might take a lot of effort, but, by including the 3D model in the Shopify storefront, you can increase your customer base and make your approach more mobile-oriented.

4. Gen Z Shoppers

Time goes by, particularly when you buy outstanding items from the best Shopify store. Gen Z is also getting older, and even now, most of the users prefer to purchase from their credit cards. The best method to attract Gen Z shoppers is store optimization and meet their deepest needs based on the products in it.

Keep in mind that some Gen Z customers manage their emails regularly, and very few have the attention span of 8 seconds. Hence, there is a need to think above that. Research and discover the type of jargon that they prefer using. Try the recent lingos to get benefits by securing the product descriptions and the SEP titles.

Because this part of the internet browsing group has less attention span, instead of setting up Facebook Messenger chatbots, receiving emails can work more that can provide the best connection with the GenZ.

5. Oberlo App

If you have less investments than you can initiate your business with Dropshipping. Now, Shopify knows the needs and demands of its customers and gives the best functionality according to their needs. Hence, Shopify has introduced the Oberlo App.

You are surely going to notice this trend in 2020. You can get this app from the official Shopify app market and get a tremendous competitive advantage.

6. Shopping Marketing Experience

Understand The Target Audiences

Countdown carts, recover cart pushers, mail bots, sales pop-ups, chatbots, coupons, etc. are the features that are liable for converting the traffic into sales. The Shopify market does provide several apps that fit according to every requirement.

Though, it is advised to get a good strategy according to the hard data as per the target market. Make yourself aware of those tools that do not require uninstallation. Several extensions are there that can even slow down the website speed.

Outline your requirements first and then find out the tools. Nevertheless, the development strategy of the web page starts with the basic structure even before adding the functionality and plugins. Also, select the Shopify theme thoughtfully from all the given offers.

7. Headless Shopify

Most of the trends even influence Shopify architecture. And one of those trends is headless Shopify. It decouples the content management abilities with the presentation and the front end layer. Headless Shopify allows you to post the content and use it on any compatible device, such as computers, mobiles, displays, and wearables.

Like, it can be used for Content Management and some different services for shipping and payment processing. Now, you can get the free front end framework that works perfectly for your team.
Progressive Shopify Apps

Several developers can get the leading and latest technologies available like Progressive Shopify Apps. Shopify with the development of Store API has permitted the developers to create a unique storefront at less cost.

The Shopify Apps is the latest and hottest trend but, it does require different hosting to create the apps. The development stack has to be extended beyond standard liquid builds. It works for website maintenance and increases the chances of getting the best results. The buyers maintain or add the data themselves.

8. Bespoke Subscription Programs

This is also in the list of those Shopify trends that we will notice in 2020. Shopify gives you the possibility to repeat the buying process and improve the lifetime value of some potential customers. The initial thing is that the subscription-based revenue moves with the business that follows the modern and fast good model.

The other aspect is that it has the customization and the personalization buyers who deal with the subscription offerings. The customers prefer a robust and flexible system that provides more value than the one in the box.

It incorporates the things, like, rotating offers, automated product recommendations, cancel subscription items, the power to pause and skip on the granular level. The subscription programs are more customer-oriented and product approachable.

9. Tailored And Unique Customer Experience

Funny Friendship Quotes

Among the fierce competition and increasing costs, the most important thing is to establish a solid connection with buyers through physical and digital channels.

Whether you prioritize approachability from the start or concentrate on different subscription plans, each strategy has to be customer-oriented. Make sure you give special attention to entering new markets and various tools to support you go worldwide.

At the same time, as omnichannel becomes mainstream, buyers draw a gap among online data collection and face-to-face data collection to improve the customer experience, conversions and make the whole process seamless.

10. Wrapping Up

We hope the above-mentioned tips will give you an idea about 2020 Shopify trends. Know them and implement them in your business strategies.

In case, you have some doubts, then, you can comment below. We would like to hear from you. Thanks for reading!!

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