Difference Between Electronic & Digital Signatures

How To Sign A Document On Your Computer?

Are you tired of printing out the documents, scanning & faxing them back to add your signature? Instead, creating a soft copy of the document, attaching it to some online electronic services provider is easy.

There are a number of e-signature services providers on the internet that have built-in digital signing features which allows you to sign the documents in a secure and reliable environment. This not only cuts the hassle and saves you a lot of time but also helps you manage your documents. This is something we call electronic signatures or simply e-signature.

Difference Between Electronic & Digital Signatures

Difference Between Electronic & Digital Signatures

First thing first, let’s clarify that we are talking about electronic signatures, specifically not the digital signatures. Both of these are different terminologies. A digital signature verifies who has seen the document and verified it.

Digital signatures are more secure than electronic signatures but a bit complicated. Whereas electronic signatures, on the other hand, are an image of your signature pasted on top of the document or anywhere required.

Electronic signatures can be performed using several devices. This article deals with signing the documents on your computer. So we will be mainly discussing e-signatures and computers.

How To Sign Documents On Your Computer?

How To Sign Documents On Your Computer

For signing documents on your computer or any other device, the very first thing you need is a signature generator app or online signature generator service provider to generate your signatures. These will be the very same signatures you will use to paste on the documents.

You will see several signature generators and sign solutions on the internet, but choosing the most reliable and authorized one is critically important. It is because your documents contain sensitive information, which in case of some unauthorized e-signature solution, providers will be at risk of stealing.

CocoSign is an e-signature solution provider & a big name in the world of digital signatures. You can sign documents with CocoSign no matter if they are contracts, appointment letters, lease agreements or any other.

CocoSign: E-Signature Solutions

CocoSign: E-Signature Solutions

Cocosign is one of the easiest and secure e-signature service providers that streamline your workflow and allows you to embed or create signatures on any document. It provides you with an end to end encrypted environment and works with leading security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, & GDPR.

So you can rest assured that all your confidential information will be in safe hands while using the sign generator from CocoSign. Here is how you can use CocoSign to sign documents on your computer?

  1. The very first step is to generate your electronic signatures. Login to the account with your name and password if you already have an account. To sign up for a new account, click on the “sign up for free” and field is required information in all the fields.
    NOTE: This free trial is for 14-days. Once it expires, you need to buy a subscription plan to keep using the service.
  2. Now click on the “create signature button” and draw your signature using the mouse or touchpad. Once you have drawn the signatures, click on the create button.
  3. It will create your signatures and show you the next option to download them on your device. You can save these signatures to the CocoSign dashboard as well & use them for signing the documents later on.
    It is worthy of mentioning here that CocoSign offers you nine different types of signature generators based on your need.
  4. Now choose the document from your computer you want to sign. Click on “Drag & drop”, select the file format & start uploading. Once it is uploaded there open the document to sign using your mouse, stylus pen, or touchpad or upload the saved signatures.
  5. Note that you can sign the documents in PDF, Doc, XLS, and JPG format using CocoSign.
    After signing the document, download it in your device and share it with the relevant person through email fax or any other source. Or invite the other party to CocoSign to sign the document. Once the other person/party accepts your invitation & signs the document, you’ll be notified through a brief message.
  6. Feel free to download & utilize the document for later use.

Why Use CocoSign?

Why use CocoSign

CocoSign is a reliable E-signature solution that is widely used by billions of professionals & organizations to sign various documents. It is considered a leader in the world of digital signing.

For its reliable, fast, & economical services, it has been featured in many big outlets such as Forbes, Life Wire, New York Times, Mac World & many more.

Here is a glimpse of what makes CocoSign outshine among its competitors:

  • Saves you time & offers you the lowest possible transaction costs.
  • Ensure legally valid E-signatures & legally binding documents.
  • Provides an end-to-end encrypted environment to ensure the security of your documents.
  • Supports multiple users at a time.
  • Offers high storage security where you can save your documents.

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