Simple Ways To Curate Content From Your Smartphone


There are many apps, tools which may not have heard, but many people are using them to curate quality content from their smartphones, quick, while on the move.

There are 3 steps for curetting content:

  • Discovery – Finding the sources of content that are relevant in your industry
  • Organization – Collecting and organizing these sources so they are accessible when you need them
  • Distribution – The tools used to distribute this content properly

Flipboard and Flud are two beautiful apps which help you discover content on several different topics that are easy to organize. Both these apps have a social network aspect built in, which allows you to visualize contents shared by your social connections.

When it comes to organizing the content, you can take help from Zite, NewsMix, Feedly and Pocket.

Most of these apps already come with an integration of Twitter on the iOS. So, distribution part is simpler than you thought.

When you want to schedule this content throughout the day, there is nothing like Buffer.

Adapted From: Sources, Tools & Tricks To Curate Content… From Your Smartphone

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