Why Small Business Must Embrace Artificial Intelligence

This century saw an advent of technology  some among which were totally unimaginable for the sane mind. Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is popularly known is one such technology.

It Is All Over The Wall And You Do Not Need To See What Benefits AI Can Offer For Your Business. Here Are Some Major Benefits That You Get In Return:

  • Reduction in time spent on finishing work
  • Decline in costs
  • Improvement in results
  • Better flexibility and responsiveness
  • Less risk

How Small Business Can Benefit From AI

1. Improve Sales And Marketing With An Ai-infused CRM

CRM systems have been designed such that you can accumulate important customer information and thus make the sale process simplified. Platforms of the same are also implementing AI and now small business gets to analyze customer feedback and target their lead generation activities on the basis of this information.

Apart from that, CRM’s working with AI boost your lead generation efforts and you can get more customers for the same cost as before. Using AI, you can generate relevant marketing insights and use them to garner better and more customers.

2. Automate Customer Communications (With A Chabot)

Small Business, Artificial Intelligence

Chabot’s is a new step and the smallest business are using them to answer any queries the customers may be having. Even when you are not working, these chatbots ensure that the customers get the best response from your side. For businesses that are yet to have a dedicated sales team, these chatbots are an advantage which handles similar tasks in reduced costs.

3. Streamline Human Resource Tasks

Human resource is another field where AI is making its presence felt. Tools have been developed which have simplified the hiring process and also provide feedback about how working can be improved. You can use AI to remove those applicants which do not suit the profile and only pick those are pretty close.

By doing that your hiring time is reduced and the number of applications received also sees an increase in the number of suitable candidates for the post. If the new candidates have any doubts, the AI tools answer the same thus saving your time.

4. Acquire Competitive Intelligence

You may want to analyze all the information that your competitors are producing. AI can help and keep an eye on what they are working on, and even provide you reports to understand. Tools like Crayon gathers data from the social media handles and website of your competitors to give you a comprehensive idea of how things are proceeding at their end.

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5. Make Backend Organization More Efficient With AI


AI is supposed to make your backend tasks much more organized and these include difficult ones like accounting, scheduling and day to day operations. Since the small business has limited staff, doing that helps them in using the ones available efficiently.

6. Hire Smarter With AI

Small businesses find it very difficult to get to recruit top talent for themselves. Established companies have a name, network and better resources, and thus they are able to pull off the right candidates for the job. Their dedicated and experienced HR teams assist in getting the best professionals.

However, AI can streamline the process of recruitment and tell you which hiring practices are going to be most effective. You can also find which communication modes are going to work with a particular category of applicants. AI can also help figure out leads from unknown places and tell you everything about the applicants works history and background thus making the process an easy one.

You Must Not Forget These Things Before Embracing AI

1. Securing Sensitive Customer Data


Small businesses usually accept online payments through cards and you have to adhere to certain rules and regulations to get that data. Even the payment processing companies have an idea about that.

2. Security via AI

Cybersecurity for small businesses is always at stake. Since the staff is less, small businesses need to find better ways to protect themselves. AI technology is smoothing they can turn to for better protection.

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