Best Smart Bulbs

15 Best Smart Bulbs To Enhance Home Eeperience For Your Connected Home

Best Smart BulbsThese are the 15 best smart bulbs that can enhance your home experience for your connected home. Even when you are not at home, you can also turn on/off your smart bulb via phone App directly.

These smart bulbs work with Alexa, Google and Apple Home Kit. You can easily control your lights with Voice; Ask Alexa or Google Assistant turn on/off your lights, dim the brightness, and more.


1. 40W Equivalent Dimmable ST64

40W Equivalent Dimmable ST64

The combination of art and science, the filament is made of the latest hi-tech flexible LED, Full dimmable LED Edison light bulbs which are flicker-free, silent and have smooth dimming capabilities from 0-100% with ALL DIMMERS. Amber glass Edison bulbs are built with an attractive teardrop design, allows you to create the perfect balance of vintage light, produce a warm amber glow and give you antique feel. FITS AMERICAN E26 MEDIUM BASE – Standard American E26 medium base fits universal existing American E26 base and screw in the light fixtures directly.

2. LIFX Color, A19 1100 lumens

LIFX Color, A19 1100 lumens

A smart, ultra-bright LED bulb (1100 lumens), iconic design and 550 billion colors – it can take bedrooms to sleep-pods; kitchen tables to dining events; and living rooms to cinemas. You won’t believe how easy it is, or how good it makes you feel to be home. With Wi-Fi you don’t need a bridge or hub to set it up. No extra bits of hardware will be cluttering up your surfaces – every bulb works straight outta the box.

Works with Alexa, Google and Apple Home Kit and more. Full color: 550 billion possible color steps. RGBW LEDs for richer colors and huge 1500-9000K white range. Iconic industrial design: unique shape maintains whole room light distribution, and looks great in pendants and exposed fixtures.

3. Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

These are NOT compatible with the Non-Bluetooth light strip extension. To extend this strip, use the Bluetooth extension. Expand with any voice or Smart Home assistant. Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Microsoft Cortana, SmartThings, IFTT. Hub required, Alexa device). HASSLE-FREE CONNECTIVITY: These smart lightstrips are bluetooth-enabled and simple to connect. Control up to 50 smart lights on 1 Hue Hub without clogging up your Wi-Fi network.

4. LIFX L3A19MW06E26 Mini White

LIFX L3A19MW06E26 Mini White

The all new LIFX mini White is the perfect “everywhere” Wi-Fi enabled LED lighting hub required. LIFX mini White works with leading voice and smart home platforms and is energy star Compliant. Compact design to fit most lamp and lighting fixtures, 650 lumens; 50W comparable. Energy efficient: Uses only 8 watts, Built-in Wi-Fi to work simply with your home. Beam Angle:250 degrees. Control anywhere in the world with LIFX Cloud connectivity. Adjust and dim your lights with voice and app control, Natural warm white at 2, 700K, 22. 8 year lifespan based on 3 hours use per day.

5. Lutron P-BDG-PKG1W Caseta

Lutron P-BDG-PKG1W Caseta

Adjusting lights and shades from a smart phone has never been easier, more reliable, or affordable. Experience the ultimate convenience with the Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer, Pico remote control and Smart Bridge. The wireless dimmer gives you the ability to set the right light for any activity whether it’s reading, watching TV, entertaining, or having a casual dinner. The dimmer works up to 600 watts of incandescent or halogen and 150 watts of dimmable LED or dimmable CFL.

6. NiteBird Smart Light Bulbs

NiteBird Smart Light Bulbs

Voice Commands to Control: Control your NiteBird smart A19 light bulbs via your voice with Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Just give a simple voice command to turn on/off or brighten/dim your light, switch your light to a specific color (e.g.: Alexa, set living room light to red). No hub required and easy to install. No need subscription. APP Control from Anywhere: Even when you are not at home, you can also turn on/off your smart bulb via phone App directly, as long as your phone has access to a secure 2.4 GHz(only) Wi-Fi network.

7. SYLVANIA Wifi LED Smart Light

SYLVANIA Wifi LED Smart Light

Hassle-Free Voice Control: The SYLVANIA SMART+ light bulbs are compatible with Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, and Google Home. Power the lights, dim, and adjust colors using simple voice commands – no hub required. Not compatible with Apple Home Kit. Lighting for Better Living: Schedule routines, alarms, and bedtimes with your SYLVANIA Smart WiFi LED light bulbs. Control the lights when you are away and keep your home safe and secure – anytime, anywhere. Even when you’re on vacation.

8. Sengled Smart Light Bulb

Sengled Smart Light Bulb

Voice Control: Smart bulbs that work with Alexa, Echo dot, Google home or IFTTT, lighting Smart bulbs by voice commands, controll Smart light bulbs, adjust brightness and scenes. No Hub Required, Just simple to lighting your Smart home. APP Control: Remote Control with Sengled smart home APP, you can turn on/off the Smart light bulbs whether you are at home or away. Group control function allows you to control more than one Alexa light bulb at the same time, Only 2.4GHz WiFi supported.

9. Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn

Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn

The Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor detects outdoor motion and can trigger both Philips Hue Indoor and Outdoor lights. Set your Hue sensor to welcome you or guests home with lights, or detect intruders or potential package thieves with pre-set light scenes, Philips Hue Hub and Hue Smart lights required and sold separately, Works with Apple Home Kit. MAXIMUM SECURITY: Scare away potential package thieves or intruders, Thanks to the large view angle and detection range the outdoor sensor will spot any movement near your smart home.

10. Lepro Dimmable Edison Light Bulbs

Lepro Dimmable Edison Light Bulbs

Dimmable LED Bulbs – Built with a smooth dimming capability, these led bulbs are compatible with dimmer switches. Save 87% on Energy – Replaces 60W incandescent bulb with 7.5W LED. Gives off 800lm comfortable warm white light for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.15000 Hours Lifespan – Each bulb is expected to last over 10 years, saving you the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement. Vintage Style – ST21(ST64) LED bulb is a perfect mix of the vintage look and the latest technology. Blends everywhere and creates the perfect ambiance.

11. Sengled Flood Light

Sengled Flood Light

Flexible Set-up: Connect Element bulbs to your Element hub. Or, connect bulbs directly to Echo Plus or SmartThings. Use the associated app to control your lighting. Built-In motion and daylight sensors: Light automatically illuminates for 90 seconds when motion is detected within 30 feet. Wide-angle detection senses movement within 100-degree field of vision. Daylight sensor will ensure the bulb will not turn on during the day. Motion notifications: With the Seng led hub and Seng led Home app, receive mobile notifications when motion is sensed.

12. Ring Solar Pathlight

Ring Solar Pathlight

Perfect for walkways and pathways – a solar-powered pathlight that shines 80 lumens of light when motion is detected. Ring Bridge included – this Starter Kit includes a Ring Bridge so that you may enable smart features for your Ring Smart Lights. Smart features – when connected to a Ring Bridge, get mobile notifications, set schedules, turn the lights on and off remotely, customize settings, and connect to other Ring devices – all from the Ring app. Easy setup – connect to the Ring Bridge, customize your settings via the Ring app, and place in your ideal location.

13. LIFX Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb

LIFX Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb

Works with Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant for voice control. Color Temperature-2500K to 9000K. Easy set up. LIFX screws in like any traditional light bulb. Simply download the app, connect to Wi-Fi and you’re ready to go. No hub needed. LIFX lights are not compatible with your household dimmer switches. This is because it has built everything directly into the app, you can dim, change the color and turn your lights on and off all from your smart device. Built in Wi-Fi & LIFX cloud. Offers full Lighting control via Wi-Fi with our LIFX iOS, Android and windows 10 apps.

14. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Set the Mood with Timeless Style; Turn up the brightness to liven up the party or dim the lights for a romantic evening; The 40 Watts (400 lumen) Kasa LED filament bulb lets you set the mood with a vintage aesthetic infused with modern technology, all from your smartphone. Control Your Lights with Voice; Ask Alexa or Google Assistant turn on/off your lights, dim the brightness, or change the scene to set the perfect mood for a late morning brunch, dinner party, or movie night.

15. Sengled Wi-Fi Smart LED

Sengled WiFi Smart LED

Hands-Free Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, or SmartThings to control smart light strip Power on/off, adjust brightness, or change colors. Hand-free your hands and create the ambiance needed for the party. Wireless frequency range: 2.4GHz. Brilliant Colors and Bright Whites: Ultra bright 1800lumen and high-quality LED chips allow Seng led smart led light strip to be colorful and durable. 16 million colors and thousands of clean, bright whites to be controlled, color temperature adjustable 2000-6500k.

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