Smart Study Gadgets

11 Smart Study Gadgets Every College Student Needs

Today’s pace of life requires the absorption of large amounts of information.

Most students need modern gadgets these days. Electronic materials, docs, constant access to the Internet are musts for learners today.

Technological innovations and new emerging fields make lives of thousands of students easier.

Endless essays, coursework and other projects are things that can throw any learner off balance. Using services like EssayPro you will forget about sleepless nights and will be able to enjoy student life to the fullest while the best experts will write your essay.

In order to help students, we have made a selection of gadgets that can really come in handy.

1. Livescribe Smartpen

Livescribe Smartpen

This magic dictaphone pen can record the teacher’s speech. At the same time, it memorizes the place in the synopsis to which this or that piece of lecture belongs.

This gadget can be reasonably considered as a № 1 assistant of any student. After all, in order to refresh knowledge, a brief lecture summary may not be enough.

With the help of this device, it will be sufficient just to point the pen to the place in the abstract – and it will play the recorded material, during which this or that mark was made.

It is worth mentioning, of course, that writing with such a pen is necessary in notebooks specially designed for it.


2. Kensington Notebook Lock

Those who believe that student life is full of horrors and dangers are not always far from the truth. It is very difficult, for example, to constantly control the safety of one’s belongings, especially in public places.

In this case, a student will find such an indispensable thing as a lock for a laptop with a control cord. This device makes it possible to protect your stuff from theft by “chaining” it to a closet or something equally inviolable.

Such devices are especially useful in libraries, large lecture halls (if you need to leave the audience for a while) and even in dorm.


3. Tylt Energi Backpack


Modern gadgets have become so “invasive” that their fans often have to carry around dozens of wires, chargers, and sometimes even an adapter for several sockets.

All this can be avoided by buying a special backpack with built-in battery. It has two single-amp ports for charging smartphones and one two-amp port for a tablet. There is also convenient isolated space for a laptop and many pockets.

This backpack is handy for those who travel a lot.


4. iCard

This is an interesting option for those who rely on the help of friends rather than their own resources. You will not surprise the teacher with a smartphone anymore. During any test, you will likely be asked to leave it.

But what about using a microtube with auto-dialing, organizer functions, as well as an audio player that supports memory cards up to 16 GB?

Such phones are comparable in size to a credit card and weigh only 32 g, which makes it easy to hide them if needed.


5. Evernote

This application is another practically indispensable assistant to any student. The cloud-based program will not only let you take notes and store all the important files in one place. It also allows sharing them with friends.

Evernote has two features that are particularly popular among students. First is the ability to take photos and save pages from books and tutorials for later reading. The second one is “Share” feature, which allows distributing notes to fellow students.


6. Lumoback

It is very important to look after your health while studying, and, above all, the posture.

Any problem can be avoided using a special corrective belt Lumoback. It does not only tell you how to hold your back correctly.

This gadget will remind you every time you change to the wrong position. It’s also a good fitness tracker that monitors the distance you’ve covered in a day, the time you’ve been sitting and even the pose you’ve been sleeping in.

All this info is displayed on your smartphone screen through a special application.


7. Smartwatch

Smart Wearables

A modern watch does not longer have a sole role to display the time. There are many other functions to catch customer attention.

It can show you the weather forecast, record your location, switch music tracks on your smartphone and even install various applications that motivate you to play sports.

All the social networking messages from your friends are instantly displayed.


8. Flying Alarm Clock

This advanced version of the alarm will help you wake up easily. A good example is a flying clock with a propeller. To turn off the gadget, you’ll need to catch it.

Another option is a “running” alarm clock that works on wheels. Such device will help you cheer up before a new working day.


9. E-Book

Work Ethic

E-books are in demand not only among avid fans of fiction. They will be very useful for those who have to read a lot for educational purposes.

It is much easier to use such a reader than have to carry heavy paper books with you. There are also built-in dictionaries in many models. Thus, when reading, you can immediately check any unclear meaning of words.


10. Data Medium

Between classes you may want to watch your favorite series or take a look at a photo archive from the latest trip. To keep large amounts of necessary data with you, an external drive that doesn’t require separate power comes in handy.

Typically, these devices are compact in size and work silently. Such an item lets you keep not only all educational materials, but also many personal files at hand.


11. Wireless Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi Slim Power Bank Pro 10000mAh

Today the sight of a student without a smartphone is something hard to believe in.

It is clear that even the phone with the most up-to-date battery may not handle this load. Thus, learners have to carry a charger with them and spend precious time looking for spare sockets.

The wireless power bank will definitely make life easier for any student.


Final Words

Being a child of the 21st century is convenient and interesting. You can explore the world, acquire new knowledge, and even manage complex technical devices using a phone.

Technological progress has given students almost unlimited opportunities for obtaining, and most importantly, applying, all kinds of knowledge.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for those looking for ways to make one’s student life easier.

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