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Smartphones Will Be Smarter Than You: Gartner

“Smartphones are becoming smarter, and will be smarter than you by 2017” –Gartner

Smartphones will soon be able to predict a consumer’s next move, their next purchase or interpret actions based on what it knows, according to Gartner, Inc. This insight will be performed based on an individual’s data gathered using cognizant computing — the next step in personal cloud computing.

What is cognizant computing?

Cognizant computing consists of four stages:

  1. Sync Me
  2. See Me
  3. Know Me
  4. Be Me

Sync Me and See Me are currently happening, while Know Me and Be Me are still to occur.

There are two aspects of how cognizant computing will impact the market. It will have an impact on hardware vendors and on the other services and business models.

Gartner predicts that over the next two to five years, cognizant computing will become one of the strongest market forces affecting the entire ecosystems and value chains across IT. Monetization will flow from the increased knowledge of the consumer and the fine-tuning of offers that can now be achieved, and are increasingly perceived as personal and highly relevant — which should lead to an increase in spend. The mobile commerce opportunities are vast as the smartphone is empowered to make purchases via the consumer’s mobile wallet or credit card, all via their mobile phone

Adapted From: Gartner Says by 2017 Your Smartphone Will Be Smarter Than You



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