SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

SMS Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

When done right, SMS marketing results in high ROI. While SMS can be an excellent standalone channel, it can support and enhance other marketing platforms like email and social media. It also helps increase customer engagement. Text messages reach your target customers directly and fast, increasing efficiency.

SMS marketing allows you to track meaningful ROI, identify customers engaging through text, and monitor delivery rates. However, knowing what not to do during your campaigns boosts success. Outlined below are SMS marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Failure To Personalise Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Collecting subscriber data, including names, gender, phone number, birthday, and ZIP code, can help you personalise your messaging to connect with your customers.

Considering that the average open rate for SMS marketing is 98%, personalising and properly designing your campaigns can significantly boost your marketing efforts, putting you ahead of your competition.

Consider integrating your messaging platform with a CRM system to ensure customer data accuracy when personalising your text messages.

Levering an SMS API can help you deliver personalised, time-sensitive, and actionable data that boosts customer retention, lessens labor costs, strengthens customer relationships, and generates new business. Ensure your brand’s voice remains consistent with every text message you send out.

2. Sending Unwanted Messages

When marketing, you want your message to reach the right audience because they’re more likely to take action. First, know your target audience and seek their consent before bombarding them with marketing messages. Understanding your customers’ pain points before beginning the SMS marketing campaign also increases success chances. Know what they want, when they want it, and the messaging that will resonate with them. Focusing on solving your potential customer’s problems can help convert them into loyal customers.

3. Give Your Prospects A Way Out

Customers usually want to choose how marketers reach them. SMS marketing can be invasive, so you should be careful about it. Give your customers a choice to opt-out if they no longer want to receive your text messages. You can offer them a subscription link or give them an option to respond to your messages with STOP.

4. Texting Beyond Business Hours

Texting beyond business hours can be annoying for your prospects and may even affect your goodwill. Sending your messages at an inappropriate time may cause consumers to feel like you’re unprofessional or being intrusive. Consider using automated autoresponders or schedule your messaging in advance to avoid getting to your customers at the wrong times.

5. Forgetting To Add CTAs In Your Messages

When sending marketing text messages, you expect your recipients to take a specific action. How you end your SMS determines whether your prospects will take the anticipated action or not. Failure to add a call to action (CTA) means your potential clients won’t know what to do after receiving your messages, reducing subscription rates. Consider giving them an idea by adding relevant and effective CTAs.

6. Not Creating An SMS Strategy

Every successful marketing campaign requires a strategy. Failure to plan may result in wasted marketing efforts and resources. Developing an SMS marketing strategy enables you to maximize your marketing efforts. Tailor a customer experience that suits your customers’ journey. Track and measure your SMS marketing metrics to determine your campaign’s success and change what isn’t working.


If done right, text message marketing can be a great marketing option for your business. Consider avoiding these SMS marketing mistakes to increase your success rates.

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