Social And Clutter Free Learning With LurnQ

Mumbai-based digital learning platform, Technium Labs Pvt Ltd is doing great work in social content curation with its app called LurnQ. It provides a unified pre-indexed access to information and filters out everyting that is not of learning relevance to the user. LurnQ is a unified, socially styled, open online learning platform for learners and teachers.

Recently, it has rolled out the beta version of LurnQ-Enterprise, a B2B service that targets organisations looking for online teaching platforms.

What sets it apart from other online course providers? It doesn’t create its own courses but collates other online courses to make it easier to choose. In that sense, LurnQ is a software to manage contents, while Coursea and Khan Acedemy are the priducers of content.

Currently, it is having a huge resource base of over 1,000 lessons which include the basics of electronics, management courses, Java, creative writing, social entrepreneurship and many more.

Through two steps LurnQ could show you the course of your choice.

  • First, register yourself and choose the topic or connect through social networking tools. The algorithm will pick up the information which will match your interest
  • The pre-indexed learn feed shows new courses when they are announced

LurnQ was set up in 2011 by Tarun Mitra, Ramesh Nidadavolu and Devvrat Arya. It had launched its first product in April 2012. It became an open product supplier only in late 2012.

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