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Social Media Certifications: Incredible Growth


  • Students enrolled in Mediabistro’s  social media program doubled from 2011 to 2012, and it is expecting the same ratio for 2013. Mediabistro offers two certificate programs at $1650 for six courses and $3200 for a 12 course master class.
  • Since its launch, 19,000 people got enrolled in HootSuite University , which is paired with HootSuite Pro membership for a cost of $30.99 per month. 4,000 users have already become HootSuite University Certified Professionals through courses tailored both to their platform as well as toward understanding social media analysis and trends in general.
  • Anybody who goes through the trainings, provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud ,  learns how to gain or display knowledge of social media analytics, which helps boost his resume for future jobs.
  • In addition to the social media management systems, many online providers are offering an educational experience on the social media landscape.

What explains the popularity of Social Media Certification?

“Social media marketing is the way forward for companies”. —  says Hazel Richardson, Director of Training at Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

“Recruiters want to make sure the people they are hiring are very socially savvy and they understand how to navigate the online network space in a professional capacity”. — Kirsten Bailey, Director of HootSuite University.

Jason Schmitt, co-author of Speaking with a Purpose, predicts that online certification programs in general, and social media directed offerings in specific are going to be the game changer, doing to traditional courses what digital did to analog, broadcast did to print media, and computer did to card catalogs.

Make sure your social media skills are not behind the curve. You have many options to choose from to enhance your social media skills. A right course will stand you in good stead in job market.

If you need to know about itil certification to go along with above mentioned certifications then you got to understand about itil, the process of learning, their exams, and benefits. Once you’ve understood, you can then go forward with the best certification program available.

Adapted From:  Job Cred: Social Media Certification Revs the Resume, Huffington Post.


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