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Top 5 Places In Europe For Sports Tourism

Nothing etches memories better in our brains than an adrenaline rush. Of all activities, sports prove the best at giving one a rush of adrenaline. Your destination should comprise of elements that both activate your hobbies and satisfy your curiosity to satisfy your wanderlust.

sports tourism

For the sports enthusiast, Europe stands as the ideal destination. Known for its vibrant sports facilities, Europe is home to some of the best grounds for sports ranging from golf to rugby.

This article delves into the top 5 places in Europe for sports tourism with in-depth analysis of powerhouse including

1. Algarve

Beside the shoreline, the marine life and nightlife Algarve also boasts of brash resorts and an amusing landscape. Since the Atlantic surrounds it on two of its shores, Algarve proves among the best places to visit for surfers.

Besides its topological appeal, the place is packed with cultural wealth for historical enthusiasts to ponder on. Even better, the dwellers here are welcoming, thus offering you the ideal chance to immerse yourself into their culture.

Unlike other destinations that may limit your choices of hotels, Algarve offers many options. As such, you can enjoy a vast range of cuisines with some even offering cultural dishes.

To add cream on the cake, Algarve offers state of the art golfing facilities, thus proving an ideal stop for sports tourism.

2. Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Mountain skiing is among the sports that attract the most tourists in Europe. Bernese Oberland offers some of the most accessible peaks. As such, it allows for incredible ski touring, as you savor beautiful sceneries in all of Europe.

Among the top resorts for skiers in Europe include; Grindelwald, Wengen, and Mürren. In winter, Bernese proves ideal for skiing and hosts the most spectacular world cup races in Switzerland.

3. Circuit De Monaco – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco - For sports tourism

The Grand Prix is undoubtedly not a new term to professional racing enthusiasts. Besides being the biggest F1 racing event, this event infuses with culture, thus allowing you to immerse yourself in culture and the race.

During this event, you are bound to engage some of the posh hotels in monte Carlo and embrace new cultures. In addition to these, you get the chance to view the Monte Carlo casino which beams of sculptures, gold, and marble.

4. Wembley Stadium

The list would be incomplete without mentioning the biggest stadium in England with a capacity of 90,000. Besides football, you can cherish one of the four tennis grand slam matches.

Like its counterparts, Wimbledon boasts of a vibrant nightlife and high-end restaurants to offer one a classical feel as you enjoy the sports adrenaline rush.

5. France, Watching Tour De France

Watching Tour De France - Sport tourism

The best time to experience a peoples culture is when they are all gathered at a common place for one goal. In France, no other sporting activity attracts a vast multitude as the tour de France.

In this race, cyclists travel around France in a grueling multi-stage race which has formed a part of the Francian tradition. While it is a free event, it is essential to book a spot in advance to view the race better and get a closer touch with peoples culture.


Nothing cements an experience better than an adrenaline rush. As such, sports tourism ranks among the most memorable activities, one can engage in.

Owing to Europe’s rich sporting traditions and amenities, it ranks top of the continents to visit for a sports tourist. For the best experience, however, ensure to visit one of the places mentioned above, especially during a significant event.

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