Know More About ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Christine Cuoco

Kaley Christine Cuoco was the daughter of Layne Ann and Gary Carmine Cuoco. She was born in Camarillo, California. She was born to an Italian father and a german and English mother. The lady was a highly successful model and actress. She started acting and modelling since she was just 6 years old.

She gained recognition from her TV movie Quickstand : No Escape in the year 1992. She was sharing the screen space here with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson.

Some of her other guest but popular TV appreances were in Ellen – 1994, Northern Exposure – 1990, Don’t Forget your toothbrush – 1995 and My So called life – 1994.

She was also seen playing a leading role in movies like Mr. Murder – 1998. She was also part of some feature films like Lucky 13 – 2005, Picture Perfect – 1997 and Virtuosity – 1995. She had also given stellar performances in Los Angeles area production of “Annie” and “Fiddler on the roof”.

She is also an active tennis player. And when she is not acting, she spends her time by playing tennis. She is also known to have good ranking in Southern California Tennis Association.

She is also a member of the amateur division team there. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Personally she enjoys shopping and hip hop dancing.

She was home schooled and currently lives in Ventura Country, California with her family. Currently she is enjoying her family and married life.

She was earlier married to Ryan Sweeting.

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