iOS 7 Concept Video: Watch Out For Immense Possibilities

It has barely been six months since Apple released iOS 6, now it is time to start dreaming about what’s to come in iOS 7.

Designer F. Bianco recently created a video  in which he has offered some original and elegant ideas that are really worth checking out:

In this video Federico Bianco demonstrates how Apple could add a dream list of new features into the existing OS without drastically overhauling its look and feel.

Bianco re-imagines the functionality for everything from the lock screen and settings options to the iBooks shelf and Mission Control.

There are options to quickly reply to text messages, browse through all the app windows you have open and even close all open apps with one tap — an option that would no doubt save you time and battery life. Each of these features is designed to reduce whatever friction still remains in using Apple’s mobile devices.

He has also posted a series of images to Flickr  which showcase a number of interesting and thought provoking iOS concepts.

These concepts are:

  • An enhanced lock screen with direct access to settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • A quick settings pane that displays all of a user’s settings in one location
  • An engaging implementation of widgets

Adapted From: iOS 7 concept video shows intriguing possibilities, TUAW

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