Startups Need A Distinct MBA Curriculum
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Startups Need A Distinct MBA Curriculum

“For most of the past 50 years, finding the successful formula for repeatable startup success has remained a black art. Founders have continually struggled with and adapted the “big business” tools, rules, and processes taught in business schools when startups failed to execute “the plan,” never admitting to the entrepreneurs that no startup executes to its business plan. Today, after half a century of practice, we know unequivocally that the traditional MBA curriculum for running large companies like IBM, GM, and Boeing does not work in startups. In fact, it’s toxic.”

Read the excerpts of Steve Blank’s recently published book, “The Startup Owner’s Manual” in Inc.

And if you are interested to watch  him elucidating “The Startup Owner’s Manual” , have a look at the  videos below:

For more videos, visit the GigaOm site

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