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  • The Democratization of Entrepreneurship

“We’re standing at the beginning of the entrepreneurial revolution. This doesn’t mean just more technology stuff, though we’ll get that. This is a revolution that will permanently reshape business as we know it and more importantly, change the quality of life across the entire planet for all who come after us,” said Steve Blank, teaching entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University and the Columbia University/Berkeley.
What’s happening is something more profound than a change in technology. What’s happening is that all the things that have been limits to startups and innovation are being removed. Read the complete article here.

Courtesy: Steve Blank’s Blog

  • Is the bubble talk overblown?

The recent initial public offering of LinkedIn has stoked speculation that a new bubble is forming in the world of technology. Barely a day goes by without one Internet Company or another announcing plans to go public. Those who see a bubble forming claim that investors are valuing each firm as if it will be a winner and ignoring some big risks associated with them. Others argue that we have entered a golden era of the internet that justifies hefty price tags for start-ups. There are now some two billion people plugged into the web, and fast, cheap broadband connections have become ubiquitous. As a result, vast new markets are appearing for web firms to conquer. So is the bubble talk overblown? Or is this yet another investment frenzy that will end in tears? Read the complete debate here.

Courtesy: The Economist

  • The Value of True Partnership: Video

Wences Casares and Meyer “Micky” Malka are serial entrepreneurs who believe in the fundamental power of partnerships. Empowered by working in close collaboration for years, these co-founders have started multiple companies including Patagon, Lemon Bank and Bling Nation. In this revealing lecture, Casares and Malka describe the value of over-communication, the decision process in making a pivot, and the challenges of entrepreneurial ecosystems outside the United States. Have a look at the video:

Courtesy: ecorner, Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner

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