Stop Liking Your Crush

15 Tips To Stop Liking Your Crush

1. Talking About Other People They’re Seeing.

“She bragged about how she was leading on a few guys so that she always had a backup.”


Things That Made People Stop Liking Their Crush


2. Taking Too Long To Text Back.

“We would be great in person but trying to get a text back took days. I massively lost interest after this.”



3. Asking For A Wingman.

“They asked me to be their wingman because they had a crush on my best friend.”



4. Justifying Cheating.

“They gave me a five-minute lecture on conditions where cheating is okay.”


5. Playing Hard To Get.

“If you’re gonna ghost me for days at a time and then get pissed off when I don’t respond to you in a matter of seconds, then that’s not my problem.”



6. Being Classist.

“While driving me home, he pointed to a homeless man crossing the street at a stop light and said, ‘I would stop my car for anybody crossing the street, just not homeless men. Where do they have to be? They’re in no hurry.'”


Things That Made People Stop Liking Their Crush


7. Being A Gold Digger.

“She told me her future plans were to essentially become a gold digger like her mother. When I laughed it off, she couldn’t see what I thought was so funny.”



8. Stealing Tips From Bartenders.

“He would steal people’s tips off the bar counter when we were with friends. Then he would offer to buy me food with it. No thank you.”



9. Spiking Drinks At A Wedding.

“He talked about how he wanted to loosen up some boring family at a wedding reception, so he spiked their drinks with party drugs.”



10. Not Being Faithful.

“He let it slip that he was cheating on his S.O. by getting together with me, which killed that crush feeling dead.”


Things That Made People Stop Liking Their Crush


11. Littering.

“We were driving down the road and she threw a Starbucks cup right out the window.”



12. Interrupting People While Speaking.

“He would ask me questions about myself, then cut me off in the middle of my answer to talk about himself.”


Things That Made People Stop Liking Their Crush


13. Being Too Self-involved.

“I went on a date with them and they didn’t ask me anything about myself. It was completely one-sided, like a job interview or something.”



14. Pooping On Themself.

“She got so drunk at a party that she shit herself. The smell is really what did it.”


Things That Made People Stop Liking Their Crush


15. Throwing A Childish Fit.

“He seemed totally normal until I met him at his house before a date and his mom asked him to take the garbage out before we left. He threw a fit that would embarrass most 3-year-olds, including crying, yelling at his mom, and punching the floor.”



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