10+ Stunning Pictures Of Shipwrecks From Around The World

A shipwreck is the remains of a ship that has wrecked, Today we have Awe-Inspiring Shipwrecks images From Dive Sites Around The World that you must see.

1. The Zenobia Ferry, A Swedish-Built Vessel, Capsized And Sank On Its Maiden Voyage In June Of 1980 Off The Coast Of Larnaca

img 1


2. The Vehicles Umbria Was Transporting When It Sank Still Sit Parked In A Row



3. The Coast Guard Cutter Spar Was Sunk Intentionally At Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina



4. A Diver Explores The Bow Of The Uss Saratoga, An 800-ft World War Ii Aircraft Carrier That Sank In July 1946 In The Waters Of Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands



5. The S.S Thistlegorm, A British Armed Merchant Navy Ship Loaded With World War Ii Equipment



6. It Was Once A Greek Cargo Ship But Sank During A Stormy Night In 1939 When Its Rudder Malfunctioned

img 6


7. The Mt Haven Was Loaded With More Than 140,000 Tons Of Crude Oil When It Exploded And Sank In 1991



8. There Is No Touching Permitted During Dives In This Protected Area, And The Kittiwake Is One Of The Most Carefully-maintained Wrecks In The World

image 8


9. Fish Circulate An Unnamed Wreck In The Turquoise Waters Of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Galapagos Islands

Underwater shipwreck


10. Beautifully Preserved, The Ex-Uss Kittiwake Was Once A Submarine Rescue Vessel But Was Intentionally Submerged In June 2011

Kittiwake shipwreck


11. A Diver Hangs Suspended Above The Wreck Of A Small Boat Nestled Amid The Shangri-la Reef In The Philippines

Scuba Diver Explores Wreck In Undersea


12. A Sunken Fishing Boat Wedged Into The Seabed In The Florida Islands Region Of Solomon Islands

Longfin Batfish, Platax teira


13. An Italian Freighter That Once Transported War Materials For Troops In Eritrea

World War II Wreck Umbria, Sudan

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