Subiz: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

Subiz is a customized chat box that you can embed on a website and communicate easily with visitors. It combines human connection with a feeling of in-person client service. Increasing customer satisfaction has a positive impact on sales and conversion rates. Subscribing to the website isn’t only about chatting; it’s also about understanding, sharing, and customers.

Its product’s characteristics are relatively simple to deploy and use. Subiz Live conversation application allows its user and customer service teams to view the web’s use in real-time.

Graphics, themes, and content in the chatbox should all be customized to match the Webs (image). The program also aids in improving operational management by soliciting immediate input from clients and storing whole conversation transcripts.

To use the chat window, just extract the Html tags and paste them into the website. Subiz Live Conversation WI is a chat bar that users may put at the end of the website.

A Live Chatting solution enables customers to have client sense by providing all their required capabilities.

Characteristics Of Subiz Live Conversation

Subiz is web-based customer service and helps desk applications. It substitutes most ineffective support structures with a feeling of reality, chatting with a track. Users should speak with their clients and learn everything there is to know about their requirements.

The website allows users to communicate with strangers and discover everything there is to know for them on time. Users may also record conversations and transfer files. The user interface may also be customized to match their firm’s image. Groups will be assigned tasks. Users can do data analyses and provide reports for members of the team.

Customization Of Chat

The conversation system is the most important element of Subiz. It operates in real-time; therefore, users can see when their clients input anything or wait for a response. Users may also lookup for visitors to discover who they are and what they require.

To make interaction faster and easier, the chat process should be automated. This system welcomes clients according to what they select on the screen. Users may use a template or create their design to incorporate bubble nodes into the affection. Users may even reply to one option that sends emails for them.

All commands are included in the conversation function. Ending a chat session and transferring files are among the operations. There’s also a chat history function, which is useful when dealing with returning dens. It allows users to revisit previous seasons they had with them and continue conversations about whatever subject was being addressed. Users may also create prefabricated replies to fill up entire messages with a few phrases and enter into a conversation.

This system enables users to utilize the chat platform. Mere language May also be employed to engage users and clients. Notifications may be added to the desktops to keep users up to date on new communications. Adding Facebook and Twitter to the mix can also help to boost involvement in the field of psychiatry.

Users may grow Subiz in many different organization pages when clients use theirs. Users can prohibit troublesome visitors should they cause problems (for example, spamming). Also, there’s a route system to follow to get back to the earliest era.

Assignment Of Tasks

An entire group or department—can utilize Subiz to give quality sense when responding to various client complaints or requests. Entire departments can be set up to deal with such customers. For instance, Canal Issue might be delivered automatically. It may be set up to deal with clear messages from either the IT department or payment requests in the finance department.

The same person can be set up to deal with specific messages from the company finance department. Users may keep track of each individual or team on the program’s dashboard. With this, users can observe how many people work in each department and their tasks in their customer service group.

Reports And Integrations Of Third-Party Software Solution

Subiz’s creators have considered the necessity for performance evaluations on each agent and per-department basis. Users may assess their staff using Subiz statistics and graphs. They can select the specific departmental groups. Check out their details and general numbers in the discussion. Agents may examine their missed messages and all queries and client satisfaction.

Some third-party program solutions are also compatible with Subiz. This consists of Google. Subiz may be added to different shopping sites like Shopify or content sites like WordPress.

The visitor’s data can be imported as well as exported. This may be accomplished by appending Java-generated code to the program. The customers may talk with the company for any reason because the system accommodates mobile users.

Subiz Advantages

Owing to a customizable chat system, Subiz stands out. Users may give their clients a visually engaging experience with an authentic message by using a prior generated conversation bubble design. Users may also keep track of their consumers and save the conversations for later use.

Its Query administration system is a spotlight of the solution. Users may create a variety of departments and ages. Each of these accounts may be recorded, allowing users to keep track of their mother’s performance and progress. One can also utilize the information to develop customized reports depending on how effectively they interact with consumers.

The Graton report mechanism is another showcase. A spears worker or department report must be established. For sophisticated graphical reporting, users can utilize Subiz or Google. Similarly, it may be used with other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Magneto.

Details About Subiz’s Price

A Standard bundle costs 0.5$ per month, while an advanced bundle goes for 16.1$. They all have free 30-days features. It’s part of the standard bundle. There is no need for a card.

Five Alternatives To Subiz

Are you searching for a Subiz alternative? Subiz begins at $0.50 per element each month and includes a free Subscription. It is suitable for 1000 workers. Most people utilize Subiz to assist them with premade replies customizable advertising, but this may not be the best option for them. Whether users prioritize simplicity of use, affordability, user rating, as well as value for their money, there exist a few alternative options that might be a perfect fit for a particular requirement.

1. Drift

Drift is a multi-platform solution that blends Eve Chat, Conversational Marketing, and Conversational Sales. It helps businesses increase income and client set, quality, and frequency. Over 50,000 utilize Drift to centralize sales and marketing on a single platform, allowing customers to have unrestricted conversations with Assesses at any time, on their own Arms. They assist businesses in having real-time, one-on-one conversations with the right client.

2. Salesforce Sense Cloud

Service Cloud 360, its world’s leading customer experience platform enables businesses to provide seamless user experiences across the entire customer journey. From texting or a phone call to video and in-person, every interaction is fueled by intelligent automation and collaborative employee experiences. With unified information across all departments, it allows Trailblazers throughout the globe to get a complete picture of each consumer and take interaction to another level.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk provides the sector’s best customer service solutions. At any size, it increases client satisfaction by 25% and productivity by 30%.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is indeed a full-featured help desk application that allows users to provide personalized service to their customers. All communication channels are streamed and managed from a single common business inbox. Clients enjoy streaming, call recording, and much more. BMW, Yamaha, and others are among the companies represented in customer service. A 14 Day trial is required, and no obligations are required.

5. HelpOnClIck

HelpOnClIck allows merchants to easily communicate with web visitors. Simplicity and intuition are two words that come to mind when describing this product. Chat and support desks allow consumers to focus on the important tasks at hand – improving customer service as well as increasing sales. The following features are included in the HelpOnClIck Eve Chat application, Areal conversation, traffic monitoring, Texts with customizable icons, and Integration of Facebook with major CRM, CMS, and Help Desk systems.


Subiz is a comprehensive online consumer intelligence tool. It has capabilities like real-time messaging, file sharing, third-party authentication, real-time reporting, and role-based accessibility. Cloud-based legal intake software helps you convert potential clients to ongoing matters faster, maximizes efficiency, and improves client experience from anywhere. The task control system is a standout feature. This solution is recommended for a medium-size firm and needs a quick client interaction campaign at a law firm and need a quick client interaction campaign at a low.

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