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The “Koohooo!!” Project: Nestles and Nurtures Creative Sparks in Kids.

A couple of days back, an idea popped into my head, what we call “Eureka Moment”, glamorously. I was basking in self-appreciation about the novelty of the idea.

I sat with my team to have brainstorming on this mythical “Eureka Moment”. We discussed, and discussed a lot, and everybody sounded very confident about the Koohooo!! Project.

But, first let me help you recollect what we have been keep  doing for over an year or so.

I have been working with a few others in a Startup for just over a year. Though  the entrepreneurial  journey has been so far extremely challenging, but  it has been an amazing and enriching experience as well.

Over a year back, when I called it a day from  my ‘cube farm’,  it was not out of trying to be rebellious or brave. Rather, I was simply tired of playing the system, and I defied the system to such an extent that quitting the Job was the only option.

For past one year, we have been working on a few ideas, developed them into Proof-of -Concepts, i.e. MVP in Lean Startup terminology, team members are assigned to take care of each MVP.

Doing so many MVPs simultaneously!!!    Amazed???

You need not be!!!

We are not a Tech Startup, in strict sense of term. Rather, we are a technology enabled Learning Products startup. Simply, we are a Digital Content Provider. We Develop and Design Content, and either distribute our Content Products through our own platform or choosing other platforms to distribute.

We have a close look  at the analytics that tell about the traction. Sometimes, heartening, sometime, truly very disappointing.

Now, let me explain the Koohooo!! Project.

In one of our lighter talks in lunch breaks, I told my team members about ‘Aadya’, a Six year old girl,  daughter of my nephew, who has an amazing and uncanny knack of enacting her teacher and classroom stories. One fine evening, may be either on the eve of or the Republic day itself, she discussed a lot about National Symbols of India. The chirpy girl enthralled her little privileged audience, her grandma and me, with her informative nuggets on national symbols of India.

And, there  during that talk the  idea of developing short stories on our national heritage cropped up. We developed a project plan to design and develop this Digital Content Product, a MVP, for iPad, Tabs and smartphones.

The team developed the product for Kindle Edition, since we had already done a Project on Kindle.Prior to launch, our small marketing team was working on the campaigns to promote it.

While working on the Foreword and Acknowledgement for the project, I acknowledged the contribution of the little angel, Aadya.

And, that very moment the Concept emerged, which we eventually christened ” the “Koohooo!!” Project.

But, why do we prefix the Project with the Koohooo!!?

To start with, first let me explain to you the etymological significance of the word.  ‘Koohooo’ is a very sweet and melodious word in Hindi language, meaning ” the sound of Cuckoo”.

Since the whole concept behind the project is to bring out the hidden creative talent among Kids and get them appreciation and acknowledgement from the world around, ‘Koohooo!!’ seems to us  almost an apt prefix because whenever a lilting sound of a Cuckoo falls to our ears, all of us around listen to it enchanted.

And that is what ” the “Koohooo!!” Project wants to achieve: Bringing the hidden creative talents among kids to the world.

So, whenever a Creative Talent of a Kid comes out, the global audience will get enthralled.

And, let me remind you, one emotional quotient attached to the word: Koohooo!!

May be irrelevant to you. But, it means a world to me.

It is the name of my little angel, whose B’day happens to be today , the April 14.  She is the daughter of one of my  nephews.

What a providential coincidence!!

The first Kid Story product has been Conceptualized by Aadya, and the Project got Baptized by Koohooo!!.

The two lovely  kiddies of my life….. God bless them with effervescent life and endearing smiles….Today and forever….

The Koohooo!! Project Commandment

Every child has some innate qualities. The Koohooo!! Project nestles and nurtures Creative Sparks in little minds.

The Koohooo!! Project is a  Disruptive Innovation and  a First of its Kind Initiative to bring out the Storyteller in kids.

Disruptive Innovation!!

 The Koohooo!!  Project develop, design and distribute the Conceptualized Stories and Crafts of kids for iPads, Tabs and Smartphones.

First of its Kind Initiative!!

The Koohooo!! Project doesn’t stop here. We partly compensate the Storyteller in Kids, make contribution to their Schools and to such Organizations working towards the education of children.

So the Thought is just and genuine. But irrespective of  being incredibly powerful human thought, it needs dogged determination and immaculate implementation, backed by patient persistence.

Now, we have come up with our MVP to validate the underlying assumptions of the Thought. We need iterations based on the feedback received along the way. To make it working, we need support of the complete ecosystem: funding agencies, schools, organizations working for children, parents, teachers, and, most importantly, the audience.

To us, ideas developed over time only work.  As such, there is no ‘Eureka Moment’. We prefer to continue digging our heels in and pushing forward the best we can.

We don’t want succumbing to deadliest sins committed by startups. We’ll soon be leveraging and signing up with @Angellist and pitching in to potential investors, customers, and partners  to make it happen, rather to make it a ‘Revolution’.

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