Top 10 Things To Do Before Christmas

Celebrating Christmas as a kid was so much fun, don’t you think so? There was nothing to be worried about. All we had to do was wake up super dooper early to get our Presents! Remember? It was awesome! Too bad we are not young anymore. Sucks, i know! But oh well, now that we have grown up, we got tons of responsibilities now that we got to fulfill and blah blah!

But don’t you worry! If you are very busy doing other things and haven’t had time to think what you can do before Christmas, we got you covered!

Top 10 Things To Do Before Christmas:

1. Listen To Christmas Music

Things To Do Before Christmas -Christmas Music

Get in the mood for Christmas! Listen to as many Christmas songs as you can before Christmas. It gets you in the mood and let’s you prepare for the big day in a fun and festive way!

Do listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey and “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee.


2. Spend Time With Family!

Things To Do Before Christmas -Christmas

Don’t tell me you didn’t think about this already! No fun celebrating Christmas all by yourself, so be with your family! Trust me, it will be worth it!


3. Don’t Forget To Give Back!

Things To Do Before Christmas -Christmas

Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Always remember that and do something nice. Why don’t you get in on the joy and make some less fortunate people happy? Go to your local church or homeless shelter or your preferred charity and find a way to volunteer.


4. Start Drinking Hot Chocolate!

Things To Do Before Christmas -Hot Chocolate

well yeah, why not? Start drinking hot chocolate while wearing those cute festive fits. Get in the festive mood, my lovelies!


5. Buy Some Cute Fits!

Things To Do Before Christmas -fits

Get in the mood for Christmas, guys! Buy some cute fits to party. Hey, even buy a cute PJs set to wear at home!


6. Partay

Things To Do Before Christmas -Partay

Throw or attend a cookie decorating party, ornament exchange, gift wrapping party, cocktail party, and/or holiday brunch. Have some fun, people!


7. Buy Yourself A Present

Christmas3 -Things To Do Before Christmas

Well why the hell not! You are going to buy everyone a present so get yourself one as well! Pamper yourself, my love! No one can even question it. Even if they do, you are allowed because it’s a festive occasion!


8. Get The Christmas Shopping Done

Christmas Shopping Done-Things To Do Before Christmas

What? You haven’t even started yet? Are you crazy!?! Well go out and start shopping now! Or wait, just do it online, mate! Why even bother going out when you got Amazon and eBay! Wink wink


9. Check Out The Christmas Lights In Your Area

 Things To Do Before Christmas -Christmas Lights

Don’t lock yourself inside your house to do things. Go out and watch how people are decorating for Christmas! If you like it, don’t be a wimp and go tell them that they have done an amazing job. Trust me, the smile would be amazing!


10. Bake Christmas Cookies!

Things To Do Before Christmas -Christmas Cookies

What is Christmas without Christmas cookies? We couldn’t tell you. They’re absolutely necessary to having a good holiday. And, fine, if you’re too lazy to make them, at least buy them.

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