things to do when bored

100 Ways To Kill Time When You Are Bored

things to do when bored

When you are busy with your semester exams, then it seems that the day passes within seconds.

You are studying, eating, gossiping and extremely busy with your life and everything else. But once when the semester gets over and the winter break begins, then this is the time when you would find it really difficult to kill time.

So, here we are suggesting you 100 different ways and things to do when bored. This will keep you entertained and busy at the same time.

25 Things To Do When Bored Which Will Bring Relaxation


  • Time for a manicure or pedicure
  • Time to try a new hairstyle
  • Time for that much-loved bubble bath
  • Try out a new face mask on your face or a new makeup item
  • Trying drawing and colouring on the paper
  • Check YouTube for Yoga tutorials
  • Write a poem from your heart of fill in your own journal
  • Enjoy a nap
  • Listen to your favourate music
  • Stretch your body
  • Binge on some Netflix shows
  • Browse through old pictures and videos
  • Write your heart out
  • Enjoy a snacks or a full meal on your bed
  • Enjoy the good weather outside
  • Look for inspiration from a favourate quote or popular saying
  • Write a letter planning your future action points
  • Enjoy a long shower
  • Sip in your favourate flavor of tea
  • Show some love to your pet
  • Jot down a self-love list


25 Things To Do When Bored For Adventure Lovers

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  • Start blogging
  • Go hiking
  • Try eating in a new restaurant
  • Plan your next trip
  • Visit a friend you haven’t met in some time
  • Try new recipes
  • Listen to new songs on the podcast
  • Try out a cocktail
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Build your own website
  • Look for your own tattoo design
  • Try to learn anything new
  • Visit a new coffee shop
  • Visit museum
  • Make a vision board
  • Plan an epic party
  • Try learning a completely new language
  • Write a book or maybe a short story
  • Try making a short movie
  • Plan some last-minute road trips
  • Join any recreational sports team of your choice
  • Adopt a pet
  • Design a photoshoot
  • Engage in friendship with strangers
  • Drive to a completely new and never before seen place


25 Things To Do When Bored Which Are Productive

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

  • Spend some time in the gym every day
  • Arrange your closet
  • Update your resume
  • Find a full time or a freelancer job
  • Clean your place
  • Cook the next meal
  • Clean your brushes which you use for makeup
  • Research about your dream jobs
  • Look for some volunteering places
  • Make some serious plan about your finances
  • Sign for some productive class
  • Clean junk from your mail
  • Make some personal and professional goals list
  • Engage in a DIY project
  • Go for some grocery shopping
  • Clean your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Read some current events
  • Spend some time on starting a garden
  • Clean your phone and phone case both
  • Watch some How to YouTube videos
  • Donate your old clothes
  • Spend some time on school projects
  • Work on your linked profile
  • Complete your laundry
  • Make lists


25 Things To When Bored Which Are Entertaining

watch Movie

  • Watch Netflix
  • Browse through Pinterest
  • Watch your favourate movie
  • Engage with your friends for some game
  • Open an Instagram pet page
  • Watch a documentary
  • Visit your nearest theatre
  • Write some of the love notes
  • Wash your clothes and bedsheets
  • Face time your friends and family
  • Spend some time on Tumblr
  • Engage in some crafty activities
  • Try mini-golfing
  • Make a collage
  • Make some bucket list
  • Take selfies
  • Enjoy bowling
  • Plan your dream wedding
  • Catch up on the magazine
  • Listen to the latest celeb gossip
  • Visit some musical play
  • Dance and murmur your favourate song
  • Enjoy a sports game or a big event

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