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9 Tips For Solo Travellers To Have Best Vacation Experience Of Their Life!

There are many reasons why people travel alone. Some can’t find a travel companion, others prefer it that way, some travel only on business, while others just want to have some “alone time”. All those reasons are perfectly valid, but in order to make the most of your trip, you need to take several things into account.

1. Accommodation


Many establishments don’t offer single rooms and want you to pay a single supplement if you want a room all to yourself. They are usually more expensive than those which boast single rooms and you should target those first.


2. Look For Positive Reviews

 Look For Positive Reviews

Make sure you choose a place with good reviews, especially from solo travellers. This is particularly important if you’re visiting an unfamiliar place. Every hotel, hostel or Airbnb property should have multiple positive reviews, since they are a solid indicator of what you can expect from the host and neighbourhood.


3. Wi-Fi Is A Must

Wi-Fi Is A Must

It’s great to be able to use the Internet during your travels to keep in touch with your family and friends, especially in cases of emergency. Also, it can provide you with entertainment if the weather is bad or you can stay informed about any changes that may affect your travelling, such as flight cancellations or major roadworks.


4. Entertainment


Some trips last really long. Even if you’re flying, there is always that time you have to spend at airports waiting for your flight. The best idea is to bring an e-book reader, since it saves a lot of space in comparison to traditional books, and a pair of headphones, such as the great Shure SE846, which you can use to listen to your favourite playlists or audiobooks.


5. Bring Your Medicine

Bring Your Medicine

Although you don’t want to waste a lot of your luggage on medications, it’s vital that you take everything you usually take as part of your therapy. Don’t rely on shopping locally, since you might find some drugs impossible to buy in certain places.


6. Be An Early Bird

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The sooner you start your tour in the morning, the more you’ll be able to see. Just try to avoid the rush hour if you’re visiting a bustling metropolis, but don’t wait until lunchtime to leave your room. If possible, buy tickets to attractions online and beat long lines of tourists. Such tickets are usually cheaper, too.


7. Feel Free To Change Your Plans

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If an opportunity arises during your trip to do something you haven’t planned beforehand, use it. The fact you are travelling alone means you don’t have to take into account anybody else’s wishes when designing your itinerary.


8. Leave A Copy Of Your Itinerary With Friends/family

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There should be at least one more person, besides you, who knows where you are at any given time. It’s a good idea to have a copy of your itinerary, which you can leave with your friends or family, including flight times and hotel bookings. As they say, better safe than sorry.


9. Have A Backup

5 Tips For Successful Solo Travel

Make sure you have a copy of your passport and credit cards with you, but don’t keep them in the same place where you keep the originals. In case you lose a document or it gets stolen, this will be of great help. Also, you need to have the numbers of your embassy or consulate and bank, so that you can get in touch with them.

Travelling solo may seem daunting to some but, in reality, it offers so many opportunities for memorable experiences that you should definitely consider it for your next trip. Not all people are up for it, but those that are adventurous enough are usually very open-minded and friendly and have a positive outlook. With the help provided by modern technology, travelling solo is now easier than ever, which is also a big plus for solo travellers.

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