Tips For Startups By Startups

  • India’s economy is indeed going through a slowdown. But that should not dampen a startup’s spirit. In reality, customers are much more likely to switch in bad times and adopt an innovative idea.
  • Rural India as market holds big promise. If you are a startup then you must take rural India seriously.
  • Don’t focus on ‘vanity matrices’ such as number of likes or amount of pageviews. Instead, measure the matrices that have a real impact on revenues – these will differ based on your individual business model.
  • In B-to-B businesses, the first ten sales have to be done by the founders themselves – these sales give you valuable feedback about your product, how you approach customers and helps you fine tune your pitch – never outsource these!

These are some of the ‘aha’ moments that Perzen Darukhanawalla encountered at TiE Smashup Mumbai 3.0  an annual conference for the startups, by the start-ups.

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