5 Tips For Successful Solo Travel

5 Tips For Successful Solo Travel

Are you independent at heart? Are you an adventure-seeker? Often thinking about trying new things on your own? If that sounds like you, then you should try solo travel.

Solo travel is fast catching momentum as a choice style of travel for many people, especially singles. And more and more women are embracing it. Gone are the days when people shunned the idea of exploring the world on their own.

A common worry was the fear of being all by yourself in a foreign land with no one to turn to should something go wrong. But the good news is that times have changed and solo travellers are a lot savvier in the modern day.

And here are a few great tips we’d like to share with you:

1. Social Media

Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Let’s face it. We’re all on social media in some form or another, which means we’re connected to people who’ve gone it alone and shared their amazing solo travel photos online.

Braggers! That alone should be enough to whet your appetite for a solo gig. And who better than your friends to give you cool tips on where to go, what to do and what to see (and just as importantly, what to avoid!) at the locations they’ve visited.


2. The Internet

The Internet

In this day and age of advanced technology, it’s never been easier to organise a trip for yourself. Prior to a journey, you can research hotels, excursions, dining, transportation, stage shows and practically every facet of a holiday with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can also read up reviews about them. And that’s not all – you can even book and confirm everything online. And once you’ve got it all done, all you need to do is sit back, relax and look forward to your upcoming independent adventure.


3. Scan Your Travel Documents

Travel Documents

Be sure to scan and email a copy of your passport to yourself and your family member or friend. Should you lose your passport, having a soft copy makes it easier to get a replacement.

(Tip: This applies to everyone, not just solo travellers!) In fact, go ahead and do the same with your air ticket, hotel confirmation, etc.


4. Keep It Familiar


For first-timers, a good idea would be to visit a city where you know someone. For example, if you have a friend in Chiang Mai, combine your solo holiday with a visit with your friend.

Let your friend know where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing on the days you’ll be on your own. That way, you won’t feel quite so alone.


5. Last But Not Least, Common Sense!


Simply put, exercise good judgment. Don’t flash your cash, don’t stay out too late at night, avoid poorly lit areas, etc. – simple enough advice that’s well worth heeding.

And ladies, we know it’s fun to glam up but keep your sparkly, expensive bling-bling at home. You won’t need them while you’re on holiday!

Bearing in mind that anything could happen regardless of whether you’re overseas or at home, it’s still best to be extra cautious while you’re abroad on your own. If you listen to your instincts, set some boundaries and be street-smart about it, you’ll be fine.

The beauty about travelling solo is that you get to customise your trip to suit your own liking. You have complete freedom and control to do what you want, see what you want and go where you want. You’re in charge. You call the shots. It’s a holiday that’s really, truly Yours.

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