Want To Add The Facebook Or Instagram Live Chat On Your Website? Here Is How You Can Do It

There are many users who visit different business websites and ask several questions. But in many cases, they could not find a way to communicate with the business representatives to get the required information at that particular time.

Leaving the comment or an email is not the option to instantly communicate with them and receive the information about the products or price etc. this problem has been solved now. It is a time to get relief and add the Live Chat option provided by Facebook through which your website visitors can communicate with you instantly.

The marketers may now communicate with the website visitors by downloading the free plug-in that is provided by Zotabox which enables you to use Facebook Messenger for your live conversations and live chats with those visitors immediately. Here is how you can get this opportunity on your website too.

Steps To Get The Facebook Live Chat On Website

Being more responsive towards the customers is among the essential goals of every business. Every business can increase the traffic to its website if it is responsive and communicate well with the customers. This also helps in building and maintaining the relationships among the customers and your brand.

To improve the communication with your website visitors, you may need to follow these steps:

1. Sign up and create your new account on Zotabox


To start the live chat through your Facebook messenger, you need to download the plug-in provided by Zotabox and make your account by signing up. You can sign up on Zotabox through your Facbook credentials, which will make the process easier for you.


2. Set Up The Welcome Message For Your Facebook Live Chat


After singing in, the dashboard will show up. There you will find the option of setting up the welcome message for your website visitors. This message can be “How may I help You?” to invite the visitors communicate with you.

Add your Facebook Page on Zotabox After setting up the welcome message, the next step is to add the Facebook page of your business on Zotabox.


3. White Listing Of The Domain


Next step is to white list you website domain before installing the website in the plug-in.


4. Install The Plug-in And Activate It


Now you are ready to install the plug-in and activate it after installation of your website. Install the Facebook Live chat plug-in too from the plug-in provided on the left side of your dashboard.

After that you can start the activation process. You can add you email address and further details that are required. And you can activate the Zotabox plug-in now.


5. Select The Live Chat Display In Your Plug-in


Go back to the main dashboard in the Zotabox plug-in and click on the display options where you will find various display options for your live chats.

Select the required settings for you and set up the live chat. From here you can manage that which facebook & Instagram. Buy Instagram followers for more conversion and will get this option displayed and what information must be shown to them.

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