Tools For Microsoft Data Protection And Security

Top 10 Software Solutions And Tools For Microsoft Data Protection And Security

Data security is always on top of the concerns when it comes to Microsoft data protection and security awareness. In this regard, many companies have acquired data protection software to protect and secure sensitive data.

Microsoft data is constantly under threat, and data loss is one of the most common issues nowadays. You need a cyber-protect hero for Microsoft data protection and security services to deter potential issues such as:

  • Human error
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Compliance requirements
  • Stealing personal data
  • Internal and external threats
  • Accidental deletion, etc.

Regarding regulatory and compliance requirements, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the main keys to fight against cyber threats in the European Union. But data breaches can occur if you do not have a proper data backup for Microsoft essential data.

It’s never too late to get a proper Microsoft protection

Data management access control is what hackers are looking for, and the primary purpose for each company should be to follow all the steps needed in order to own total security for their Microsoft 365 operations.
Regular Microsoft data backups lead to peace of mind when your operations are mainly established in the aforementioned enterprising service. A backup is inclined to resume the company’s archive if there is a cyber-attack, system failure, or disaster.

Getting complete protection for your company’s essential data is never too late. Data backup is vital, so the business does not lose investors and customers and does not close down.

So, we decided to get to know you with the top 10 backup solutions for Microsoft data protection and security:

1. Rubrik

Rubrik backup is one of the finest in the market since it includes backup and recovery tools, a multi-cloud environment service, and a set of policies for snapshot retention and frequency.

Multiple features come with this set, and it is an excellent Microsoft data protection and security to consider.

2. Hornetsecurity

As already established to be at the very top of data backup software services, Hornetsecurity offers state-of-the-art Microsoft data protection and security service that is already used by dozens of thousands of companies across the globe.

Hornetsecurity is the ultimate backup provider that helps you secure your virtual machines, email mailboxes, Microsoft critical data, advanced threat protection, email continuity, email encryption, etc.

Users especially like the feature set that is incredibly granular and allows for deep levels of customization.

Hornetsecurity even offers three backup versions for Microsoft data:

  • 365 Total Protection
  • 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup
  • 365 Total Backup

3. Acronis

Acronis is one of the most potent online backup solutions available for consumers and currently contains antivirus software and ransomware security. Acronis offers mobile device backups that are well-synced and organized with sharing options.

It is important to note that it includes ransomware protection, a vulnerable scanner, and antivirus software. However, Acronis can annoy customers with prices that quickly rise as you add devices and storage.

4. IDrive

IDrive offers backing up an unlimited number of machines to either a 5TB or a 10TB limit. These limits are considered excellent since users prefer such storage availability. It also keeps old files and has MFA – a critical feature that every company worldwide would like to have as outstanding protection against cyber threats.

5. Commvault

The backup and recovery service by Commvault is ideal for companies that operate with virtual machines, databases, apps, and files. Like Hornetsecurity, it offers similar features that restrict unauthorized access and protect critical data.

Commvault technology aids enterprises in facilitating their business operations and enhancing business productivity.

6. Veeam

Veeam is the name that regularly pops out if you are searching for backup solutions. Veeam delivers native, automated AWS backup and disaster recovery to protect and manage the Microsoft environment. They offer multiple services and are getting along with numerous companies across the globe.

7. Iperius

Iperius Backup is a fully functional backup solution that is slightly older but still comes as a free or feature-rich premium version. The solution provides:

  • Security for AES 256 encryption
  • Complete backup and recovery of your databases
  • Scheduling options, and other helpful management features

Nonetheless, you will need the premium option to support database backups fully.

8. Comet

Comet backup is a flexible, all-in-one backup platform available in dozens of languages and is rapid, protected backup software for businesses and IT providers. Comet lets us choose your backup destination, server location, configuration, and setup.

Key benefits of using Comet backup:

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL servers
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

9. Unitrends

Regardless of their main occupation – VMware and Hyper-V, it is crucial to note that Unitrends is among the top 10 Microsoft backup providers.

Unitrends comes with a free 1TB storage of data, but after that, there are multiple options to select from like:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise plus

The most important feature of the Unitrends backup solution is the data compression capabilities, as it protects virtual and physical files with assistance from their community support.

10. Carbonite

Carbonite delivers complete protection for your data center and is straightforward to operate. This cloud data service contains backup software, provides unlimited storage, and can be assigned to handle automatically in the background.

With the capability to choose the ongoing backup option, Carbonite will only back up any new files or files that have been modified to decrease the bandwidth needed.

The company operates the encryption but authorizes setting an encryption key, offering you total access and the capability to correct files in one click.


To protect their Microsoft environment, businesses spend a lot of time pursuing suitable methods. There are licenses like M365 F3 that offer antivirus software, but you still need more.

Microsoft’s critical data backup software protects business data by backing up data from databases, servers, laptops, desktops, and other devices in case of user error, corrupted files, or a physical disaster that makes critical data unavailable.

If you suffer a minor failure in Microsoft 365 and don’t have backups, you may be able to recover certain things, but you never know what those certain things will be.

Data backups are priceless to your business as Microsoft data protection and security service will save you time and money, give you a competitive edge and guarantee business continuity.


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