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7 Top Tools Use with Instagram To Build Your Following

There are many apps and tools coming on board to use with Instagram. New ones are created every day. You likely already know about and others but here are some you may not be aware of to help you build your brand on Instagram.


  1. Layout from Instagram – This app allows you to combine several photos into one for a great layout that looks fabulous.
  2. – This cloud-based software lets you create a lot of images that look great using their professionally made layouts. You can easily add your own photos into their templates to look really good.
  3. – This is an easy and fast way to put text on any images for Instagram. You can download this software on your mobile device via your app store depending on which type of mobile app you have.
  4. Superimpose – This app is amazing in its ability to superimpose images on top of other images. For example, you can put a puppy in the hands of a child and more. It can make for some whimsy pictures.
  5. – This cloud-based app used to be “latergramme” and is used for scheduling via your PC images and updates to appear later on Instagram. You have to push them out via your mobile, but you’ll get a message on your device alerting you to push the update out.
  6. – With this app you can create time-lapse videos to share right on your mobile device. It works on all Android and iOS devices.
  7. – This is an app that allows you to earn revenue from Instagram. You put your link in your profile and then they can buy the brands you show on your Instagram feed.

Instagram is a powerful social media network that has a lot of promise. You can use it no matter what type of brand you’re building to build a loyal following, get more subscribers, and make more sales.

Now that you have an idea of what type of things you can do on Instagram you should get started. Create a profile, and start putting updates, and then in the meantime create a plan of action so that you can make it work for your goals.

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