Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes

The mobile marketing is expanding and transforming rapidly before our eyes. Users are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile sites and applications for instant access to information, tools, deals, and product research.

The Mobile Marketing Association predicts that the global mobile advertising market is expected to grow to more than $14 billion in 2011.  Asia and the Pacific is expected to bring in the majority of this revenue followed by North America then Europe.

According to Forrester, mobile advertising in the U.S. will expand to a billion-dollar business in 2011, nearly a third of the predicted global mobile advertising market. By 2014, it has been projected that the U.S. market will more than double in size, reaching $2.5 billion!

Keeping track of  this trend, find below top 5 mobile marketing mistakes that one should avoid:

  • Mismatching content with mobile messaging

If you’re going to spend time and money targeting mobile devices with a marketing message, make sure every part of the experience — from message to response — works on all mobile devices that may engage in the campaign.

  • Building an app without a plan for promoting it

When you budget your application development, add on a budget to promote your apps with mobile advertising, emails, text messages and traditional ads.

  • Too much targeting

Cost-effective messaging requires some degree of scale, so targeting individuals or very small groups of people usually reaches a point of diminishing returns as more time and money is spent trying to customize each and every message for every possible personal scenario.

  • Ignoring the potential of voice

If you’re not staffed for inbound phone calls, try an interactive voice response (IVR) system to answer and route calls.

  • Taking privacy concerns lightly

Make sure you and each of your mobile marketing technology providers follow all industry regulations and best practices for collecting, using and securing personal information.

Source: The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes

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