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Planning Your Next Trip? Know Why To Sign Up For Travel Insurance Online

What is the reason behind planning a trip? To take a break from our busy lives and spend time with our loved ones without any worry. But, unexpected events can arise anywhere and at any time.

What would you do if your important documents or luggage gets lost during the trip? Or if any sudden medical emergency arises?

In such a scenario, your trip might get spoilt, and you might even have to discontinue it. To keep yourself worry-free and prepared for such unexpected events, it is preferable to sign up for travel insurance online while planning your next trip. The process might take a few days.

Travel Insurance Online

Usually, insurance providers have different insurance plans for domestic and international trips. Nonetheless, a few features and benefits are common for both of them. Find below a few benefits of signing up for travel insurance online while planning a trip:

1. Cover For Journey

Many unimaginable mishaps can happen during your journey, for which you should stay prepared in advance.

If you apply for travel insurance online, you can get the following situations covered and receive compensation for the same:

  • Trip Curtailment
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Missed departure/connection
  • Bounced Hotel or Airline bookings
  • Loss of Passport
  • Home Burglary (while you are out)
  • Trip delay
  • Personal Injury

Due to any reason mentioned above, you might have to suffer during your journey or even wind up your trip early.

But, if you buy travel insurance, you will be compensated for the loss by the insurance provider. For instance, if you lose your passport, your insurance company will provide you with a duplicate passport or issue a new one.

2. Baggage Cover

During transit, if your baggage gets delayed or misplaced, the insurance provider will compensate for the same so that you can continue your travel plans without any hassles.

3. Medical Cover

When you are travelling, a medical emergency might arise, or you might meet with an accident. These cases are pretty difficult to handle in another country or state.

However, if you had applied for travel insurance online in advance and you have active travel insurance, you can immediately inform your insurance provider if any emergency comes up and ask for assistance.

Signing up for travel insurance saves you from arranging finances on the spot and helps in getting the treatment done as soon as possible. A few insurance providers even compensate for medical evacuation.

4. Hijack Distress Allowance

A few insurance providers also offer hijack distress allowance if your flight is under terrorist attack or hijacking.

5. Dental Treatment

While travelling, you might face dental problems due to the difference in temperature or any other reason.

As most of us are aware, treating dental problems involves a considerable amount; it is advisable to sign for travel insurance online, as it includes most types of ailments and injuries.

Generally, travel insurance includes travel medical insurance in India; therefore, one can make plans without worrying.

Apart from these benefits, you can even avail the benefit of a multi-trip insurance policy. This proves to be very useful if you travel frequently.

Be it international or domestic travel insurance, multi-trip insurance usually lasts for a year, during which you can take up a couple of trips, each of them being of around 35-40 days.

But, if you do not travel often, it is advisable to sign up for travel insurance online, covering a single trip.

Credible insurance providers like TATA AIG provide comprehensive coverage and customized plan to their customers so that they can enjoy maximum benefits.

They put in the best of their efforts to make your travel peaceful, hassle-free and safe with travel insurance.

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