7 Tips For Traveling While In Debt

7 Tips For Traveling While In Debt – Guidelines To know The Best Approach

People are doubtful about their plans to travel while on debt. They think that the travel expenses may add more to the debt and ultimately put them into a financial crash down. The fact is that many travel enthusiasts used to explore places even when they are debt but by adopting some smarter methods to travel planning.

Apart from making some savings to add to their travel budget, they also make use of loyalty programs, find ways for cheaper accommodation, travel, and dining, which all are possible with a bit of planning and intelligent execution of travel plans.

Further, we will discuss some of the pro tips from the travel enthusiasts in terms of enjoying cheap, but uncompromised travel experience which will be used for those who are in debt to get motivated.


1. Join Travel Loyalty Programs

Join Travel Loyalty Programs

Even if you don’t have a credit card, it doesn’t hurt to consider some travel specific merchant loyalty program. The enrolment is mostly free, but the payoff or such programs are compelling. You may get reduced airfare, discounts on hotel stays car rentals, and different destinations, additional perks, dining offer to name a few.

The landscape of travel rewards is so wide and complex. You need to do some in-depth research to identify the best available loyalty programs for your purpose and avoid the clutter. Read through the fine prints before signing up for any such traveler’s credit card or loyalty program.


2. Use The Credit Points And Transfer The Perks

Some of the credit cards offer additional perks which you can use as reward points which can be transferred based on one-to-one partner points. Many credit card providers like Visa and American Express etc. offers such credit point transfer option, which you can use for airline ticket booking, hotel stay, and many other travel related expenses.

At the third party booking sites, you can compare the airfare and room rents with the actual number of points or airline miles you can redeem and then make use of them. This way, you can save a lot of money while traveling, which will further help alleviate your debt condition too.


3. Check For Refundable Booking Options If Your Travel Plans Are Not Certain


It is true that you get a lot of early-bird benefits on booking in advance, but also check their cancellation policies too if you are uncertain about your travel plans. In fact, refundable bookings are expensive than others, but it is fully worth if you find at least a 30% chance of canceling a booking at a later stage.

The travel insurances usually cover only the nonrefundable booking cost, if they are canceled only for the specific reasons as covered like an unexpected illness or job loss etc. Finding an alternate cheaper travel option or changing your trip due to weather conditions etc. may not cover.

You can find better suggestions on travel planning while at debt at the website of Libertylending.com with some expert insights to effective debt management.


4. Go For Nonrefundable Booking If You Are Certain

Comparing the other side of the issue, if your travel plans and dates are stone strong written, then go for a nonrefundable booking, which can give you a lot of cost advantages. You can also make use of the blind booking deals which are offered by the travel aggregators and hotel booking sites.

On comparing the rates of the same provider as nonrefundable and cancelable, you can see at least 10 to 20% difference, which you can take advantage of if your plans are certain. In some cases, you may also see transferable booking options, which is also an ideal alternative to refundable bookings.


5. Explore The Last Minute Deals

How Building Trust Leads

Even though it not largely advisable as last-minute planning is so hectic and stressful in case of travel, in the majority of the cases, it may be expensive also as to booking a flight ticket or trying for a rental car or hotel stay at the destination on trying to book it with short notice.

However, in some cases, you may be lucky enough to enjoy some unbelievable last-minute offers. There are many specialized websites also like Hotel Tonight, where you can see many such deals open for travelers for instant booking and immediate avail.

Hotels and airlines use their online channels to offload their excess inventory at largely discounted prices to fill the slots which otherwise may go vacant. This strategy is ideal to be explored just the day before the booking date or even the morning of the booking day.

If you are getting on to a free-flow backpacking or multi-stop adventure, it is ideal for exploring such last minute offers to work out some quick plans. Most of such offers are announced through online and can be instantly availed.


6. Offers Like Complimentary Breakfast

Rather than going for blink negotiating over the cost, you can also search for the hospitality chains which advertise offers like free continental breakfasts along with hotel stay. In fact, you don’t have to go to upmarket to explore such options. Most of the hotels and motel chains have this option.

The hotels are not just using them as promotional offers, but such things are rather customary in many countries and come packed with the basic packages. Free complimentary breakfasts are more of a standard practice now in the hospitality industry.


7. You May Weight Low Room Rental Cost Against Higher Transportation Costs

You May Weight Low Room Rental Cost Against Higher Transportation Costs

This may seem to be a confusing tip. Once if you talk to the travel experts, they may suggest you hat it always best to stay outside the city centers for the frugal travelers, but may be hearing a few others saying just the opposite too.

But, for someone who is trying to cut cost on travel and wants to be on a safer side with existing debts, it is ideal to consider the former.

Some Other Quick Tips Are:

  • Use borrowed luggage
  • Always pack light
  • Plan your travel during off-peak seasons
  • Book flights midweek
  • Always purchase a travel insurance
  • Take up volunteer works when you travel
  • Try to avoid excessive foreign transactions
  • Know the best currency exchange avenues and timings
  • Considering options liking low-cost camping or home sharing
  • Use public transportation

There is no such rule that you need to sacrifice your travel plans while on debt, but being a bit creative and innovative, you can easily go ahead and fulfill your travel dreams without tampering your financial state.

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