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8 Tricks To Search On Google That Will Make You Save Time

These 8 tricks are what you could call a search syntax, that is, what you can do to fit the type of search you want to perform because the number of search engine options is much lower, but without losing quality in the information you want to find.

Here Are The 8 Tricks To Search On Google That Will Make You Save Time:

1. Quotations “”


When you put quotes in a word or group of words, what the Google search is doing is to search these words consecutively. This trick is very useful when you search, for example, the title of a book, a movie or a song.

When you see the results in the Google search engine, you will see how in each one of them the word or words that you have written in quotes will appear in bold. This will allow you to fit very much and very effectively when doing any Google search.


2. Script –


The script feature when you search Google is to exclude the word that is attached to this script. This is a very useful type of resource when we have an expression of several words with a unique meaning as an industrial solar orevolution system.

For example, if you are looking for information about the word via and you do not want a result related to the dairy word, then you just have to type the following in the Google search engine: via the URL and all the results that appear will be excluded from Search for the word milk.


3. Accent ~

Accent is another excellent resource when searching for information on Google. He who does this slogan is to look for synonyms of the word that accompanies the slang. For example, if you search Google’s birthday gift, Google will search for words that are related to the term gift, such as detail, present, idea or gift.

Where is the symbol on your computer? The symbol is considered a special character so it will not appear on your keyboard. In this case, what you need to do is go to the top tab of your browser that places Editing and at the end of the window you will see the option special characters. Within the special character options, the symbol is in the punctuation section. When you locate it, simply drag the symbol into the Google search bar and then write the word from which Google will search for the synonyms.


4. Site: (Specific Website)

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Sometimes, when searching on Google, you would like to narrow your search on a specific web page. This trick assures you will be the most useful. Imagine looking for information about Cervantes on the website of the newspaper El País. Well, because all the search results that Google makes are specifically on the El País website, what you should look for in Google is the following: Cervantes site: elpais.es. What Google will do is look up all the news about Cervantes, but exclusively on the website of the newspaper El País.


5. Link: (Specific Page)

This trick has the purpose of looking for pages that are directed to a certain page. For example, via link: you can search all pages that go to google.com. To do this you write the following in the Google search engine: link: google.es


6. Two Points. .

Keyword Optimization 

This is another of these tricks that can save you a lot of search time on Google. What these two consecutive points do is only express a certain range in a search. When you put these two points between two words, what Google does is fite the search for these words.

This can be very useful when you want to adjust are, for example, dates, measurements, prices, etc. For example, if you are looking for information about the Olympics and you are only interested in the period between 1992 and 2000, what you will do at the time of search in Google will be the following: Olympics 1992. 2000. Another example would be with a price variable: TV 500..700 euros.


7. Related

What it does is something extremely useful and is to look for pages with content similar to the page you want. For example, if in the Google search engine you write related: socialmediablog, the results you get will be pages directly related to the social media and social networks. This is a very useful trick when you do field work, for example, a research job.


8. Define

Although you often choose to find the definition of a term with the help of a dictionary, I also want to show you that there is another possibility of defining any term you’re looking for on Google. That is, when you want to look for the definition of a term, just type in the Google search bars the following: define: gamification. What Google will do is look up all the possible definitions of the term gamificación that is in the network.

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