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Turkey: The Land Of Two Continents

Yes, you read it right! Turkey is a republican nation located on two continents-Europe and Asia, a larger part of which lies in the latter. If you plan to visit this country, you would be actually planning to visit two continents which in itself is an amazing experience. Here is a list of the best places to travel this year in Turkey:

1. Istanbul

This largest city of Istanbul is famous for many places, one of them being the Topkapi Palace. The palace with its lush green courtyards takes you all the way to ancient times as it is home to sultans and the royal families. This city does not let your historical experiences fade away easily as it is also home to the Blue Mosque, a marvel of 17th century and which is also a few mosques of the world to have six minarets. Facing it is the magnificent Aya Sofya, which dates back to 6th century and is a church turned mosque turned museum.


2. Antalya

Last year, this city bagged the honour of being the third most visited city of the world. This self-describes the magnificence of this coastal city. Antalya is endowed with the natural attraction of Duden waterfalls, which one cannot afford to miss. In terms of offering you rich historical experiences, this city is no less than Istanbul. Here lies the Antalya archaeological museum which takes you on a roller coaster ride from the prehistoric times to the present. Antalya is also known for the ancient ruins at Perge and Termessos.


3. Bursa

The first site one can think of to visit in this city is the Great mosque. It is splendid specimen of architecture of the Ottoman empire of Turkey. Busra will also leave the fun and adventure lovers happy as here lies the Uludag Teleferik which is an adventure tram and is worth trying. The city also has complete arrangement to keep the ladies happy as well as here is the market Koza Hani, famous for sale of silk and scarves.


4. Trabzon

The city lies on the ancient silk route and this itself speaks of its historical significance. While in this city, you get to appreciate the religious diversity. This city is home to famous Sumela monastery and the Hagia Sophia church. Trabzon city also offers you a chance to view the rich biodiversity of Turkey at Altindere Vadisi National Park.


5. Uzungol

This city is far from the urban rush and noises. It offers you a peaceful stay near the villages where you can stroll trough in the evening. It is the place where you feel being in the nature’s lap. You can sit besides the lake, feed the ducks and simply count on the blessings of nature!

The list does not end. It is just that the beauty that Turkey is home to cannot be summed up in a few words. You ought to visit here to treasure the splendid architecture and natural sites of this country. And there are a number of travel agencies that can accommodate you in Trabzon and Uzungol that can help in planning the complete tour for you. Come, visit the land of two continents!

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