Twitter For Brands: Vital Stats

With 400 million Tweets a day and 200 million active users, brands turn to Twitter to tell engaging stories, participate in real-time events and conversations, enhance their online brand personality and delight their customers. Have a look at the snapshot of vital statistics that shows what all are there in Twitter for brands:

Twitter’s Vital Statistics for Brands


Here are a few things, WITS ZEN thinks, are important about Twitter for  brands and businesses:

  • A  great customer service channel
  • Grow base and attract followers
  • Get results with promotional tactics
  • Twitter is strong in mobile
  • 140 character Tweets make a brand a better communicator
  • Twitter is a great real-time search engine
  • Twitter’s a top source of news

According to a study by Compete, Twitter users follow six or more brands. These are the top reasons people give for following brands on Twitter:

Why People Follow Brands on Twitter


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