Twitter Launches Retargeting Services


Many people don’t love to be tracked what they do online. In fact, we have browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox which have implemented “Do Not Track” features.

However, that didn’t stop Facebook to launch its cooking tracking and ad retargeting service. Facebook’s FBX, launched last year, offers a custom audience product that also allows marketers to match ads to people by using their email addresses (as well as phone numbers) as an identifier. Facebook is said to be seeing success among advertisers with both products.

Taking a cue from Facebook, Twitter has also unveiled its ad retargeting plan. As per the plan, promoted tweet ads will appear on users’ Twitter streams based on the outside, third-party sites they’ve visited.

How Twitter’s retargeting service is different from facebook’s FBX? Unlike FBX, Twitter has not set up an ad exchange where advertisers target a certain ad to a certain user in real time. Instead, advertisers will have to upload an aggregate set of cookie IDs to Twitter’s ad system and ask Twitter to match those with the cookies of users who visit the social network.

Adapted from: Twitter Unveils Its Ad Retargeting Effort

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