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3 Types Of Social Media Videos That You Can Create Using Screen Recording

Want to create social media videos that you can use to build up a following, engage your audience, and maybe even leverage them and drive them to take action? While there are many types of social media videos that you could create using screen recording, some in particular tend to be appealing to viewers.buy youtube likes.

Suffice to say these types of videos are the perfect place to start, and you should focus on three types of videos initially:

1. How-to video guides

Types of Social Media Videos

A how-to guide can teach viewers how to perform a certain task or action, or learn a skill. Screen recording is frequently used to create this type of social media video because it is the perfect way to record footage that shows any step involving digital product or platforms.

In short you can create how-to video guides that involve software and apps, online platforms, websites, or digital services of various kinds. Because it is useful to viewers, it shouldn’t be difficult to reach your target audience with a good video guide.

It should be noted that although conventionally video guides are best when they are non-promotional and don’t use a hard sell, you could indirectly promote a product within the video by showing it in action. Simply put you could adopt a soft approach and let viewers see what a product can do without even mentioning it.


2. Expert interviews

Types of Social Media Videos - Interview

Typically expert interviews are conducted face-to-face, but with screen recording you can conduct them via a video call and record it from your screen. The only requirement is that the video screen capture Mac or PC software that you use allows you to record both the system audio and input from a microphone – so you can capture both sides of the call. For example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

While it is easier and more convenient to create expert interviews in this way you will need to take steps to make sure the webcam video and audio quality is good. On top of that the internet connection on both ends must be stable too.

Overall expert interviews are an excellent type of video for social media, and viewers tend to be drawn to them. If the expert has a wide social media following themselves, it will provide you with an opportunity to reach out to their followers and build up your own base. Buy high Retention youtube views.


3. Product reviews

Types of Social Media Videos_1

In much the same way screen recording can be used to create video guides, it is a good way to create product review videos of any digital products. It is best to not come up with reviews of your own products or your direct competitors, as that will just seem biased and self-serving.

Instead you should focus on providing helpful and informative reviews about other products that your target audience may be interested in. Viewers will find that appealing, and it should help you cement your reputation and build a better relationship with your following.

Just be sure that your product reviews are entirely above board and all the claims that you make are completely accurate.

See how each of the types of videos listed above would make for great content on any social media page? To be entirely honest there are other types of videos that you could create using screen recording, but these three options are definitely the best place to get started.

All that you need to do is come up with ideas for topics of each type of video – and start planning and producing the content itself.

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