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3 Useful Types Of Surveys To Run On A Blog

Running an online survey on your blog is a good way to learn more about your visitors and gain a deeper insight into what they’re thinking. But before you just cobble together all the questions that you think you should ask them – you should first identify the type of survey that you want to run.

Ideally every survey should have a specific focus that is in line with the goal that it is trying to achieve. By identifying that focus, you will be able to choose better questions that are more relevant and will help to provide the information that you need.

While there are many different types of surveys out there, there are three in particular that you should consider running on your blog:


1. Market Research Surveys

Types Of Surveys To Run On A Blog


Market research surveys are good for any brand and can help them to find out more about the target market that they’re trying to reach. It can directly benefit your blog by helping you to learn more about your audience, and find better ways to reach them and attract their interest.

It should be noted that market research surveys can be more specific, and focus on various aspects of the target market such as their behavior, habits, interests, issues, culture, or background.

At the end of the day the questions that you come up with should be designed to help you understand the target market better, and reveal how they feel about the areas that you’re interested in.


2. Customer or User Satisfaction Surveys

Types Of Surveys To Run On A Blog_1

As its name suggests, a customer or user satisfaction survey will allow you to gauge how satisfied your users (i.e. the visitors to your blog) or customers are. It should help to not only measure the satisfaction level, but also identify areas that they may not be satisfied with and that can be improved.

The questions in a typical user or customer satisfaction survey tend to focus on the overall experience as well as how they feel about specific issues. One question that is a mainstay of most such surveys is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question.

Based on the information obtained via a satisfaction survey, you can not only identify areas that need improvement, but develop ideas on how to improve them and the priority they should be given.


3. Brand Awareness Survey

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The strength of a brand is strongly related to how aware people are about what it stands for and how memorable it is. That is difficult to measure, but a brand awareness survey can help to shed some insight into it.

Most brand awareness surveys will attempt to gauge several different metrics, including the brand’s recognition, recall, identity, image, trust, and loyalty.

By finding out how strong your brand really is (or obtaining a better idea of its standing), you can evaluate how well your current strategy to build brand awareness is working. It can also help you to spot any issues that may be holding your brand back or impairing your efforts.



If you want to create the type of surveys described above, you will need to be able to purpose-build them.

Rather than trying to learn the code required for that, you should try using more user-friendly options such as AidaForm Online Form Builder for example, and following the steps at https://aidaform.com/forms/online-poll.html.

As you can see the types of surveys outlined above can help you to make more informed decisions regarding your blog, business, and brand. That being said there are lots of other types of surveys that can be helpful in other ways – and you should explore them too when you have the chance.

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