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24 Unique Careers That Let You Be Free Of Any Boundaries

When it comes to making your career choice most of us want to go the traditional way. There are just a few career choices we consider as respectable and hence we intend pursuing them only.

However, there are multiple unique career choices which would satisfy your urge to be free and here we have compiled just 24 of them.

1. Art Therapist

Art Therapist

If psychology interests you then an art therapist is the career for you. Using art therapy you help people get out of their depression and mental stress. Though requires an intensive training overall is a very satisfying career choice.


2. Doula

For an expectant mother any kind of assistance is like a blessing. A doula acts as a guide and helping hand for pregnant mothers and stays by your side even after the baby is born.


3. Headhunters

When companies do not want to invest time and effort in looking for a perfect candidate for their job the headhunters come into the picture. They match resumes and ensure only the top quality resources are referred further.


4. Hippo Therapist


The therapy of riding horses to heal people of their disabilities is known as hippotherapy. A Hippotherapist is a person who practices the same.


5. Master Distiller

This profession involves learning the steps conducted for the safe production of liquors, whiskey, etc. Learning the trade from a scratch you have a lot of hard effort to put in.


6. Railroad Conductor

You can monitor the day to day activities of passenger and freight trains and get paid for doing so.


7. Bike Courier

For companies which find it expensive to deliver their stuff across the city a bike courier is a person who does so willingly.


8. Body  Painter

Body  Painter

As the name suggests this requires you to apply your art skills on another human’s body. Requires training but the scope of earning is multi-fold.


9. Human Statue

Also called a live mannequin this requires you to stand like a statue in any shop. You may talk to the customers or just change outfits and stand at one place all day long.


10. Professional Bridesmaid

Sometimes the bridesmaid at any wedding do not want to accomplish jobs like helping the bride with simple tasks, checking out her make- up, etc. In such a situation a professional bridesmaid can be hired for assistance.


11. Acupuncturist

A person who knows the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture can practice as one. This is a healing artist and many people turn to it for immediate relief.


12. Airplane Repo Person

Airplane Repo Person

When people are unable to return the loans taken to buy private jets, a repo person is sent to check its quality and retrieve it back,


13. Elevator Mechanic

Well here you take care of the elevators and ensure that all security protocols have been adhered to.


14. Food Scientist

Experiment, research and find out different food ideas which would be loved by all.


15. Funeral Service Manager

A pretty serious job you are responsible for conducting funerals and make sure everything happens smoothly.


16. Meteorologist


Observing atmospheric phenomenon and using the same to gauge climate and weather changes across the world is what you would be supposed to do.


17. Nurse Midwife

Instead of rushing to the doctor each time entrusting a nurse-midwife can lend a personal touch to your pregnancy.


18. Ocularist

Sometimes people face impairment in sight at an early age. One way to tackle this is to get an artificial eye made and that is where an Ocularist is required.


19. Bounty Hunter

This is a person who arrests people who have evaded their bail bonds and are being looked around by the bail loan givers.


20. Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

Finding out loopholes in a company’s security systems so that other malicious hackers are not able to invade it.


21. CIA Analyst

As a part of the Central Intelligence agency you research and find out information which can help in keeping the security interests on top priority.


22. Robotics Engineer

As the name is an indication you complete all the tasks needed to create a robot successfully.


23. Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

Before a video game is launched the company needs to be sure that everything is working perfectly and that is where a video game tester comes into the picture.


24 Water Slide Tester

If a waterslide has been set up in an amusement park the company needs testers to check if it’s working correctly. You can earn a decent amount here provided you do not fear being in the water.

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