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Use Social Media Management Tools For Building And Managing Stronger Brands On Instagram

Instagram is the leading social media platform to promote your business. You need to tools like Sendible to ensure that. It transcends scheduling and publishing content direct to IG. It’s an extensive social media management implement to grow your brand.

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You can use it for scheduling updates, replying to your followers through the inbox, creating analytics reports, or syncing with your team.

You can start by opening the Compose box, selecting your destination account, and write a message. You can select a time to publish your post.

  • Sendible makes it very easy to create an inspirational quote or IG image by integrating Canva. You can directly publish videos to Instagram from this tool.
  • If you want to schedule Instagram posts on the go, you can use the Sendible mobile app.
  • It provides 12 services for each user. The Starter pack starts at $25 per month. If you run a big agency or team, you can find top-tier plans more suitable.
  • Setting up your social box is the first part. Sendible evaluates your social media channels for brand new comments, photos, and all other activities.


All About Brand-Building


Sendible helps you to tell visually captivating brand stories on IG by streamlining the art of creating content and collaborating with your colleagues. The objective is to use create beautiful and engaging social media posts.

  • You can add locations to your stuff and preview their look before scheduling them. It boosts your impressions and reaches. You don’t need to rely on Stormlikes for followers.
  • Sendible helps you schedule reminders for carousel posts.
  • You can collaborate with your team to plan a strategy.
  • Engage with those who comment on your posts. You can monitor all the comments on your feed and promptly reply to them through a succinct link that natively loops you to IG.
  • It helps you to analyze your posts and report them. You can fathom the impact of your posts on your brand’s target audience and engage with them accordingly. It helps you to make informed decisions in the future.

Managing brands on IG with Sendible is very viable because you don’t need to push for more posts and content at odd hours for your clients abroad.


How It Works?

How It Works?

After setting up your Instagram business profile, it’s time to connect that profile to Sendible service. After converting your profile, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your Sendible account and navigate to the Services screen within the tool.
  • Click on ‘Add Services’ and tap on the Instagram logo. Choose the business profile or Instagram posting service.
  • You can then continue with account authorization.
  • It’s great if you want to schedule videos. Sendible has started supporting direct video posting to your business profile. It’s a stellar service that helps in scheduling a 100MB video.
  • While Instagram definitely provides the option to share posts automatically to Twitter and Facebook, it’s better not to do it.
  • You can rather customize content for your social network.

Sendible has just released an array of Smart Posts, which is another superb feature to schedule your social media content to every key platform and network within the window.


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