6 Best Practices For Using Instagram For Business In 2018

In order to use Instagram in the best possible way, there are some tips that are important to consider that will make your Instagram work best.

Instagram For Business

  1. Use High Quality Images – You can’t use poor images on Instagram. The better quality you can create; the better engagement you’ll have on Instagram. You want the clarity of the image, plus the creativity to show in every single share that you have because it represents your brand.
  2. Tell Your Brand’s Story – When you first start your account, consider taking some time to share what your brand story is on each update. Tell a little bit of the story with each share so that your audience can get to know you.
  3. Interact With Your Fans – Instagram is very social and because of that it’s necessary to interact and engage with your fans. When someone comments, comment back using their @ tag so that they know you commented back.
  4. Use the Right Hashtags – Study which hashtags you should use to attract your audience and use them. Try to find at least 20 to 30 hashtags that you can rotate on a regular basis through your updates so that you can find all of your audience.
  5. Provide Value – When you share something on Instagram, ensure that it provides value to your audience. Don’t just share anything, be strategic and plan out what you will share so that they are engaged, fascinated and want to follow you and tell others about you.
  6. Share Daily – Don’t let your Instagram go dark for even a day. You can come up with interesting things to share, and even schedule them using software like so that on your off days all you have to do is push them out when reminded on your mobile device.



Using Instagram is a great way to build a following, provide value to your audience, get more subscribers and make more sales. But, you need to create a plan of action based on your goals, and not just do it without any destination in mind.

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