Vacation In Tasmania

First Timers Tips For A Vacation In Tasmania

Representing the largest Australian island and home to the world-renown tough little creature known as the Tasmanian devil (close to badger in terms of fearlessness and ruthlessness), Tasmania is a place you have to visit if you consider yourself a wildlife appreciator and a globetrotter.

Of course, even if you’re not that into traveling but would like to make an exception just this one time, Tasmania would certainly be a great destination.

Now, as a first comer, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the various peculiarities of the place, especially if you couldn’t be bothered to do your homework. For example, the warmest months in Tasmania are December, January, February, and March.

The same months the folks in Europe, the Americas, and Asia are freezing their posteriors off and spend a fortune just to keep warm. That said, even during the warmest of times in Tasmania, nature can sneak up on you and send in a couple of days of freezing temperatures.

So, to help out the first time visitors to this magnificent Australian territory, we’ll give you some tips you’ll want to take into consideration lest you get lost and confused once you get fresh off the ferry. Or the plane. Right then, here’s the deal, folks.

1. Consider Getting There During The Winter

Consider Getting There During The Winter

As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, the warmest months in Tasmania are the winter months, so going there for vacation in December or January can be a great idea.

For some reason, the never-ending stream of tourists tends to let up around this time of the year, so the prices will be considerably lower, and the traffic on the ferries and the airport won’t be as bad.

So, as long as you manage to get a holiday from your job around this time of the year, visiting Tasmania during the winter can be a proper bullseye for you.


2. Choose Between Flying And Sailing

Since Tasmania is separated from Australia by the Bass Straight, which is way too big for a bridge, there are only two ways of getting to this southernmost Australian island – either by ferry or by plane.

Both means of transportation have their pros and cons, so to speak. For example, if you’re traveling for business reasons, or don’t plan to travel across the island, a simple plane flight may be all you need to get from point A to point B.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling for leisure, you’re going with your family, and you’re planning to see the natural beauties of Tasmania, opting for a ferry may be a better solution for you.

Not only can you get a room on a ferry (as if you were staying at a hotel), but you also have the option to bring your car with you, which is a massive plus if you think about it. A Melbourne to Tasmania fare is a common one, so you won’t have trouble finding a ferry that can take you there.


3. Choose Your Accommodation In Advance

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A great way to save money and have a secure accommodation as soon as you arrive in Tasmania would be to arrange for it in advance. Whether it’s through Airbnb or some other app that allows you to set up these matters, doing so before you arrive at your destination will not only save you time but also save you some money, as well.


4. Bring Warm Clothing (No Matter What Season It Is)

Tasmania is notorious for its unpredictable weather patterns. While during the warm winter months (yes, you read that correctly) the temperature will be warm for the most part, you still need to have warm clothing ready, because you never know when a cold wave may be coming your way.

So, a good rule of thumb if you’re going to Tasmania would be to bring some sweaters and leg warmers and perhaps one of those Russian caps or two, for good measure.


5. Shopping In Tasmania


If you’re staying in Tasmania for longer than just a couple of days, and you plan to go on a cross-island trip, you may want to take into consideration the supply situation. For example, you can get all you need at the famous Salamanca market, which is the biggest in the whole of Australia.

There you can get fruits, vegetables, meat, clothes, and all the other items you might need for your trip. Also, other things are going on in this market besides the food vendors and clothes merchants.

There’s usually lively events organized there, with music and parties, so you can get to know some of the locals and immerse yourself into the local culture if you are so fancy.


6. Get A Map

especially if you’ve arrived in Tasmania to be able to camp and complete your cross-country trip. The thing is, Tasmania is the 26th largest island on Earth, so it’s a pretty large place, as well as an easy one to get lost in.

So, to prevent getting hopelessly lost in a local forest or a cave, make sure to always have a map with you.

Alternatively, you can install a specialized application on your iPhone or some other device of choice, so that you can have an easier time figuring out where on Earth you are at the moment.


7. Check Your Car Before Going Camping

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For those of you who have managed to get your beloved four-wheeler aboard a ferry, you must check its ‘health’ before you set off for Tasmania.

The thing is, while this place has plenty of roads, which are well cared for and in a good condition, they are also quite narrow and at times tough to navigate, so ensuring your car is up to the task of traveling across this island is imperative for you having a good time while you’re there.

All things considered, visiting Tasmania is always a unique experience, whether you’re there for the first time or you’ve visited before. That said, as a first-timer, you may want to do a little bit of homework, so that you can both avoid unnecessary trouble, and enjoy your stay more.

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