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22 Incredible Vintage Pictures You’ve Probably Never Seen

These powerful photos will transport you back in time! Roads? Where we’re going, there probably aren’t any roads.  If you are one of those people who find world history intriguing, you’re surely going to love this incredible collection of vintage photos.

Scroll down to check out what the old days were like. As the saying goes – the more you know, the less you need


1. Eiffel Tower, Paris, July 1888



2. Statue Of Liberty, Paris, 1882



3. Nelson’s Column, London, 1844



5. Tower Bridge, London, C. 1889



6. Stonehenge, England, C. 1920



7. Mount Rushmore, United States, 1932



8. Hoover Dam, United States, C. 1935


v8 Mount-Rushmore-Vintage-Pictures

9. Golden Gate Bridge, United States, C. 1934

v9 Golden-Gate-Bridge-Vintage-Pictures


10. Taj Mahal, India, C. 1942

v10 Taj-Mahal-Vintage-Pictures


11. Hollywoodland Sign Watching Over Los Angeles In 1925.



12. Australia’s Sydney Opera House In The Early Stages Of Its Construction In 1973.



13. The World Trade Center Begining To Rise Over New York City In 1971.World-Trade-Center-Vintage-Pictures


14. The Statue Of Liberty’s Left Arm Being Constructed In Paris During The Winter Of 1882.



15. The Scorched Aftermath Of A B-25 Bomber Crash Into The Side Of The Empire State Building.



16. A Japanese Man Sailing A Junk With Mount Fuji Looming In The Background, Circa 1890s.



17. London In Smoldering Ruins Following The Nazi Blitz Of Dec. 29, 1940.

v17 London-in-smoldering-Vintage-Pictures


18. Victory Fireworks Lighting Up Moscow’s Red Square After The End Of World War Ii Was Declared

v18 Moscow’s-Red-Square-Vintage-Pictures


19. Archeologist Howard Carter Inspecting King Tut’s Golden Sarcophagus After Opening Tut’s Tomb

v19 King-Tut’s-golden-Vintage-Pictures


20. A Hooverville Encampment In New York City’s Central Park, Where Many Lived During The Great Depression.

v20 New-York-City’s-Central-Park-Vintage-Pictures


21. The Madison Square Garden Arena Under Construction In New York City During 1966.

v21 Madison-Square-Garden-Vintage-Pictures


22. The United States Capitol Without Its Top In 1859.

v22 United-States-Capitol-Vintage-Pictures


Source: Newszii.Com

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