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25 Viral Photos Moments That You Might Have Missed

Just take a look at these 25 viral photos that turned out to be fake.

1. Real Pilot Selfie

1. Real pilot selfie


2. Hercules, The World’s Largest Dog

2. Hercules, the world’s largest dog


3. 9-11 Tourist

3. 9-11 Tourist


4. Mystical Tree

4. Mystical tree


5. Photo From A Soviet Mental Institution In 1952

5. Photo from a Soviet mental institution in 1952


6. Air France Flight 447

6. Air France flight 447


7. Purple Trees Of Fairy Pools, Scotland

7. Purple trees of fairy pools, Scotland


8. Shark Vs Helicopter

8. Shark vs Helicopter


9. Collapse Of Shark Tank In Kuwait


10. Sad Putin After Russia Lost To Finland In Hockey

10. “Sad Putin” after Russia lost to Finland in hockey



11. Fennec Hare

11. Fennec hare


12. Fetus Foot

12. Fetus foot


13. Hurricane Isaac

13. Hurricane Isaac


14. Indian Ocean Tsunami

14. Indian ocean Tsunami


15. Bike On Vashon Island That Was Abandoned For 100 Years

15. Bike on Vashon Island that was abandoned for 100 years


16. Moonmelon

16. Moonmelon


17. Lightning Striking A Tree

17. Lightning striking a tree


18. Ella Fitzgerald Denied A Gig At The Mocambo Night Club In 1954 Because She Was Black

18. Ella Fitzgerald denied a gig at the Mocambo night club in 1954 because she was black


19. Baby Polar Bear

19. Baby polar bear


20. Oil Rig, Water Spout, And Lightning

20. Oil Rig, Water Spout, and Lightning


21. Rainbow Owl

21. Rainbow owl


22. Statue Of Liberty In Hurricane Sandy

22. Statue of Liberty in hurricane Sandy


23. The Derbyshire Fairy

23. The Derbyshire fairy


24. Earth, Mercury, And Venus From Mars

24. Earth, Mercury, and Venus from Mars


25. We Built It

25. We built it


Source: Newszii.Com

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