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Top 10 Viral Websites To Stay Informed In 2018

Websites that have trendy content and have a potential to be viral are getting more and more popular among people who want to stay on the top of everything and be the first one to know fresh news and follow everything viral. It is pretty skeptical how this all began, but it is very known to all nowadays that these viral websites have already reached the maximum height of their popularity.

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When we speak of everything “viral”, it is a piece of any news or content that is so popular on the internet. It is evident that any type of information can have a visual and textual form such as images, videos, articles etc. In layman’s terms, uploading a meme on your website and share it on your social media platforms will create traffic into your site as more people become interested in your meme. Everything can become viral based on traditional ways of thinking, however they are created in a very innovative way.

A lot of viral websites sometimes plagiarize each other and have the same content, making it almost difficult to find a trusted and good source for those who really value amazing content.

Here are the top 10 most viral websites in 2018.

1. BuzzFeed


Those who love opt for BuzzFeed can easily get to know about hot stories, American news as well as many interesting topics. The content this website offers is very easy to understand as it closely relates to our life.



Nexter is your newest destination for everything viral and trending. It is very eager to deliver only the hot news and the latest news updates as it is now one of the rising trending websites right now. Here you can access a wide variety of entertaining and useful content, made in various form such as regular articles, videos and quizzes.

Nexter is now one of the most respected trending websites that delivers the latest hot stories, sharing comedic stories and entertaining lots of people around the globe. Its goal is to provide each and every of their readers a unique voice and publish content that will be surely shared by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. It is your only destination for everything popular, viral and latest.

If you subscribe with Nexter, you will expand your knowledge and know about various interesting topics like fashion, food, movies, travelling, app development and many more. It means that Nexter got you covered in any sphere of interests. Nexter tries not to be biased when it comes to everything political, but you will be assured that you are just getting the fairest political news and articles that does not favor anyone.


3. PolicyMic


This is a website that specializes in making some viral stories trend. It covers a lot of topics such as latest news from all over the world. The type of content is also very informative and relates to any kind of people. The categories that are often used here are Traveling, Fashion, Celebrities, Food and Money.


4. TwistedSifter


As one of the fastest-growing viral websites nowadays, TwistedSifter is dedicated to entertain while educating it audience. It specializes in various topics such as art, nature, and architecture. It also has a “Picture of the Day” and a roundup of everything that has trended in a certain week.


5. BoredPanda


Boredpanda is a user-centered website that allows its users to create their own content that is amazing on their own point of view. It could be just anything, whether it is a life experience, or place you have visited. It aims to help people express themselves without being judged or bullied.


6. WittyFeed


Wittyfeed is very well-known for entertainment news, and everything trending and viral. You can also submit your own content and have people from all over the world take a look on it. Here you can find a lot of information on science, travelling, animals, innovative technologies and so on.


7. PlayBuzz

Playbuzz is one of the world’s most famous platforms for storytelling and has staff from all over the world that engages with many people globally every day. PlayBuzz users can create post in various unusual forms such as Flipcard, Polls, Swiper, Convo and Video snap. Moreover, their content is published in 40+ languages. Top categories are Articles and Quizzes.


8. ViralNova

Viralnova is somehow the same as Boredpanda as it also allows its users to share their own content and stories using their submission facility. With this user-created content, users can look for people that share the same interests. Here there is a wide range of topics about culture, life, science, entertainment.


9. LittleThings


Little things is one of the most viral websites that are made for women of all ages. It specializes on women-centered and women empowering kind of articles and contents. In other words, it is a collection of well-written top stories of 2017 and specializes on topics that women prefer reading. They can be about life, pets, parenting and many girlish things.


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As time goes by, viral websites are evolving into something more promising so they can even deliver content that is more interesting to the fast-growing netizen population. It is drastically changing the old models of journalism and is now influencing and engaging more readers ever.

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The editors and content contributors of these viral websites are trying their best to create just the original content that will surely increase social engagement. They are looking something new, unique and innovative ways to provide their every reader only the top news stories from modern and diverse point of views.

Choosing and subscribing to the most perfect website depending on your taste will surely put you on the top of the daily news and enable you to learn something new without wasting your time on uninteresting and useless content!

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