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Top 32+ Sites For Free Live TV Streaming In 2024

People are inclined these days to go for the digital TV rather than the local cable. So, here goes a quick survey of which are the best sites which offer a seamless TV viewing experiencing.

Online streaming is the way to move ahead. Here you don’t need to stress yourself with cable package. And in case you are wondering about the antenna then will help you in this.

As per the survey conducted by TV shows, sports, games, movies and everything else is available just within a click distance.

Let’s Have A Look At Topmost 32 + Free Live Tv Streaming Sites

Above are some of the most amazing live streaming websites for TV and many other requirements. I hope you like them and enjoy using them watch TV online free streaming.


This might not be the most popular one, but this one definitely has all. Here you get to see the latest films and even many other upcoming films can also be seen from the huge list given here.



One of the simplest TV streaming sites. Here you to see your favourate channels only at a click at the homepage. And then you can browse through the channel and see whatever you like.


3. NFLwebcast


This is a perfect website for all the game lovers. You just need to select your favourate game and then enjoy. You can watch the same in HD or in simple mode also.

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4. NFL –

For all the game lovers, this is for you. Here you can catch score and reviews of each and every game on the planet. For people living in USA this is the perfect game. But for people who live outside you can read the reviews and score and much more.


5. HyfyTV.Site


This is for the global audience where you get languages like Italian, Spanish, French and Arabic. It also comes with a chrome extension which will help you with our issues.


6. ShowBox For Mobile

ShowBox for Mobile

With the latest version of this streaming website, you can watch everything when you are on the go. Right from TV shows, various videos and actually lot more.


7. GHD Sports

GHD Sports

Here you can enjoy sports and TV channels together. It is available for android users only so just download and then keep enjoying. Here you don’t need to go for any paid subscription as well.


8. CinemaHD


This is compatible with almost any device be it android, windows, smart TV or firestick. Here both movies and TV shows are available and you just need to download it rather than paying anything or even your credit card information is also not necessary. It comes with subtitles, font, color and even 4K viewing options.


9. Mobdro


This is the video search engine where on recommendation you will be able to view videos of your choice. Here videos are categorically classified so that you can quickly access them. Also, without paying also you can use this website, it’s just that you will have to deal with advertisements then.


10. Showbox


This is one of the platforms which is easily accessible both on mobile and desktop. Here you can watch both TV shows and movies and it is perfect for people who want to watch everything when they are on the go.


11. USTV Now


This is mostly about streaming US channels. This is designed for American troops and diplomatic personnel. Don’t worry. It is 100% legal to watch.


12. BeeTV


This is quite easier to use and you will have access to both movies and TV shows here.



Content of more than 35 countries are at the disposal at this website. You will have to deal with a number of pop up sites here but the quality of the stream and the content will make it worthwhile.


14. You TV Player APK

You TV Player APK

This is also for the people who are regularly on the go. Here the layout is quite comfortable and user friendly plus the contents are very well categorized.


15. Tv Catch Up

Tv Catch Up

This is reserved for most of the UK channels. It is mostly aimed for the British residents but even then you will come through a number of contents for the rest of us as well.


16. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

One of the latest entry to this category. Pluto TV is free and this is the major reason why the app is boasting for 6 million subscribers.


17. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

BBC is also marching ahead in the 21st century. British news and entertainment is definitely the top things here. Other than that you will also be able to see many other stuff here.


18. Crackle


here you get to enjoy not only some of the most amazing TV shows but also some of their original productions as well. You need to do a simple registration here and then you are all ready to access the site through your TV.



This is a region-wise TV network and thus you get to choose through a wide variety of TV information available.


20. Hotstar


With more than 25 million users, this one has become a household name. very quickly you will be able to see and browse through a huge number of channels and it’s won epic shows.

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21. Streema


The greatest collection of TV shows from around the world. The amount of TV content which you get here is truly amazing.


22. YuppTv


This one focuses on quality and content both. YuppTv has number of amazing Indian shows at it’s list and thus you will be amazed with their content and versatility.


23. Epctv


This one is focused on the US channels where you also get to enjoy ESPN streaming. But the adds are again quite a number here but we can’t help because all of this is free here.


24. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

This is one of the most popular Tv streaming channel. This is 100% free and you get the content from all across the globe.



This one is quite easier to navigate and use through. You will come across the fast search function here and thus the users will definitely enjoy this amazing web service.


26. TVplayer


More than 60 channels to use and select from. This one is free to use and the British streaming service is one of the topmost streaming service.



This one is not so updated in terms of design but the amazing content and free access makes up more than that.


28. Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV

This one is one of the most premium TV streaming service. And thanks to the content and NBA and NFL, this one justifies.


29. Sling TV

Sling TV

with channels like ESPN, AMC, Food Network and others you would find a variety of streams here.


30. DirecTv Now

DirecTv Now

One of the US-oriented TV streaming service where you get stations like A&E, AMC, FOX,CBS, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Viacom, Turner and Univision.


31. Youtube TV

Youtube TV

Youtube stepped into the TV streaming service and it certainly is huge. With more than 40 cable stations and a premium service which is also known as YouTube Red.


32. Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue

Sony along with it’s PlayStation feature also offered TV streaming service as well. AMC, BBC, Bravo, CNN, NBC, Discovery, ESPN, Disney, TNT, CBS Sports, NBA TV, HBO and Showtime.


33. Netflix


Netflix has been long ruling the US market and now it’s doing the same with Indian market as well. They are offering US based, India based and even much of their own content. This one is paid but still people love it.


34. Freee TV

Freee TV

This one is free but other than everything else on this website is of compromising quality.


35. Stream Live

Stream Live

here you get two packages. One of them is basic and one is premium. Herewith one time you get to enjoy better streaming quality with no ads or commercials.


36. Hoopla


The most amazing streaming service of North America. You can watch a variety of TV and shows completely free.


37. Tamilrockers

One of the reasons why everyone loves Tamilrockers is because of all the fantastic features that the website has to offer. It stands out from other pirated websites because of all the movie collection, categories, and flexibility that makes the users come back for more.

It’s so easy to use that users can find their favorite documentaries, movies, and TV shows at the speed of light. In fact, let us shed lights on all its features and functionality:

  • All content and downloads are free.
  • The contents are well organized and categorized.
  • The website contains a server that allows users to download anything at high-speed.
  • The user interface is friendly and simple.
  • It functions well with PC, laptops, and smartphones.

When it comes to categories, the Tamilrockers organizes it in the following ways:

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Dubbed movies
  • HD movies
  • TV shows

With all these excellent features, you will not have to worry about taking forever to find what you are looking for. With this type of organization, you will find your favorite movies within a second.

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