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Water Purification System Change Your Way Of Living

If asked about the only thing that one cannot live without is water. The water is one of the five most crucial element on the planet that contributes to sustaining life and keeping the life intact on earth.

However, the most naturally occurring water is not always available purified in the state. It is only after the right purification process that the natural water recourses become ready for consumption.

The market is flooding with reputed brands who offer quality water purifiers for daily household use. The uses and advantages of the quality purifiers are limitless.

Most importantly, the water though visible transparent to our eyes contains many bacteria and contaminants that can interrupt the process of maintains a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Assuring your safety and health concerns are our responsibility as well and for the same, here is a detailed write up about the need and importance of water purifier.

Types Of Water Filter Systems

Types Of Water Filter Systems

Studying the market demands on the need of the water purifiers, the companies have started manufacturing filters using advanced technologies and modern science.

The most trending water purifiers at present are the micron filters, ultraviolet disinfection tanks and lastly the reverse osmosis systems (RO purifier).

Listing Below The Uses And Working Of The Same:

1. Micron Filters

Micron is the smallest unit in which the size of atomic bacteria and virus are calculated. The micron filters are the physical filters that do not use any modern or updated technology for the process of water purification.

The system is entirely based upon a ceramic cylinder which consists of millions of micron pores that traps the harmful bacteria or contaminants present in the water.

The Giardia and the cryptosporidium are the two most common harmful contaminants present in the water but not visible to the naked eyes.

However, increasing the level of difficulty, the viruses are even more beautiful in the shape that remains unfiltered even after the use of the micron filter.

To cope up with the illness infecting water, the brands installed the use of the carbon filters in the screens along with the ceramic cylinders.

However, instead of the entire physical barrier, the chemicals cannot be eliminated out of the water. That is right when the need for the advanced filter steps in.


2. UV Filters

Water Purifier

All of the readers going through the article must have good knowledge of the UV rays. In case one is not sure of the same, let us inform you that the UV rays also termed as ultraviolet rays that are harmful enough to destroy the protective layering of the earth’s atmosphere.

However, concentrating on the positive use of the destructive rays of the sun, the advanced modern water filters are a great example. The intense rays of the ultraviolet are used to kill the harmful and robust germs present in the water.

The UV ray is passed through a glass tube, which in turn sterilizes the microorganisms present in the water.

The sole limitation of the system is that the UV rays are, however, not systemic to eliminating the chemicals that are already dissolved in the water.

The water that is poured into the UV water purifier must be free from any chemical composition for the outflow of healthy drinking water.


3. RO Water Purifiers

The RO water purifiers are the most expensive and advanced water purifier trending in the market.

The RO, which means reverse osmosis consists of a semi-permeable membrane that allows the water flow at a certain speed and filters all the dissolved contaminants present in it.

The system is usually installed near the or near the place which allows a direct and constant flow of water.

The water purifier running on electricity filters the water super fast with the only shortcoming be the immense water loss during the process. However, It is capable of storing joto 5 liters of purified consumption water in the absence of electricity.


The Need For Water Purification

Drinking Water

The natural water resources do not have an excellent reputation in term of purity and safety. There have been several write up, awareness and programs held to spread proper education about the need for purified, safe drinking water.

Natural water resources have continuously been polluted due to the rise in a chemical outflow from various manufacturing industries. Diseases are continually spreading due to the consumption of contaminated water. In the list below, every specific need for an Industrial RO water purifier is mentioned.

  1. The first and foremost step for the need of the RO system is the removal is fluorides. Coming to the topic of fluorides, it is essential to remove from the water. In case one is not sure of their existence, let’s make it clear here. The element Flurioine denoted as F is a naturally occurring component found in the rocks. However, when mixed in water, the small doses of the same do not harm our body. But when it comes to a higher level of consumption, fluorine is exceptionally harmful. The RO water purifier can exclude out the harmful pests and fertilizers and artificial chemical filters. However, fluorine is a complicated chemical to be removed. The same is the reason why the companies have developed the specialized equipped fluorine removing RO water purifier.
  2. In the rural areas of India, the availability of pure and safe drinking water is still a more significant issue besides several other environmental concerns. The removal of the harmful contaminants to exclude out the disease-causing germs is only possible by the use of water filters. The filters are solely responsible for the removal of sodium, nitrates, chlorines, and contaminants. The government is taking concerted steps to imply safety measures about water wherever needed.

The above write up must have given you enough reasons to install the water purifier in the indoors. However, the fact that besides harmful contaminates, some several good bacteria and minerals should be left unaltered from the water composition.

A good water filter does it all with utter convenience. RO Care India help you to get the best possible water filter system at your home.

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