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Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2021

For a lot of businesses out there, web design provides the opportunity to be creative and visually express what your brand is all about. Over different periods, people’s general perspectives and ideas about appealing web design continue to change.

And being business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s your job to keep up with the latest trends to ensure you don’t lack behind in any department. However, along with cheap, responsive web design services you must also look for a team that helps you identify the individual style of your brand among the web design trends for 2021.

So, let’s right jump to the top five web design trends for 2021 that all brands must consider before making their decisions.

1. Asymmetric Layouts

For a long time, designers used a grid for web design to help them streamline the structure while keeping the key elements in focus. However, it takes away the uniqueness of each design. Therefore, one of the upcoming web design trends is asymmetric designs. It allows brands to show their individuality, creativity, and have a little fun with their site and how it reflects their brand.

However, even with asymmetric designs, you have to find the balance. You don’t want to keep any specific part of the webpage to have too much personality than the other. It might get into the way of you achieving the core purpose of your site. But, the idea here is to go off the grid and channel your creativity.

2. Mixing Photos And Graphics

A big trend that’s been very popular for the last couple of years is to personalize your web design and incorporate your brand’s personality as much as possible. People want to see the faces behind a brand they like so much or buy often. And a fantastic way to do that is the next web design trend for 2021 to use real photos along with some graphics and illustrations. This helps you create your individual custom message for the site and add a lot of personality to your brand.

You can even use overlapping photos or graphics to give your design some unique visual effects. This trend is very flexible as there are no set rules to adopt this one. You can put together some fun, colorful photos and have your web design create something interesting around it. For example, for your restaurant website, you can use pictures of your customers dining with retro-style graphics.

3. Dark Theme

For decades the concept of empty space was white. But, the latest trend is to add a dark color theme in your web design and make your site and brand stand out. It gets your site a lot of attention from the industry and customers. It gives your website and brand a more elegant vibe and allows you to be more creative with other web elements.

A popular combination of dark themes is the use of neon colors, graphic elements. This web design trend for 2021 is bold, daring, and never fails to make a powerful statement.

4. Floating Elements And Soft Shadows

Another web design trend for 2021 is to use soft shadows and floating elements. They give your web design more layers and increases its depth while making it more interesting for the audiences. You can use this effect with the body text, the header, action buttons, and separate images.

The shadows and floating effects give your web design a more futuristic feel, making it aesthetically more pleasing and unique.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI technology has found its way into more and more aspects of life. However, here AI relates in the context of web development and then results in affecting the design. In 2021, companies are going to want to leverage the technology to create targeted and highly personalized webpages specific to the context. AI will enable companies to:

  • Gather information about their users
  • Automate The Process Of Selecting Graphics
  • Perform Test
  • Place the right element at the appropriate place for optimum results

Today, people expect more and more personalization, and its time companies use advanced technology like AI to provide their website visitors the webpage they want to interact with.

The Final Thought

A lot of us expect the year 2020 to establish significant changes within the web design world. But, it has turned out to the year of analysis that is carving the way for more striking, contemporary, and tailored web design trends for 2021. These were five top web design trends that are going to become more prominent in the upcoming year.

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