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Distinction Between Web Design And Web Development

If there are two terms always confused about in the web, it would be web design and web development. These terms are often used interchangeably yet they are two different web process.

Because of the confusion between web design and web development, a lot of people complain about getting something they didn’t sign up for, perhaps getting web design services when they actually signed up for web development service.

It is important then that we have a clear distinction between web design and web development. These are two different services. A clear understanding of web design and web development will avoid confusion later on.

1. What Is Web Design?


Web design pertains to the process that involves the graphical elements of a website. It is “designing” the website or plotting a web page layout. It is responsible for the appearance of the website. It is consists of the colour, theme, layout, font and navigability elements.

To facilitate easy and effective web design project, web designers can use graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop. The term web design is often thought of as encompassing the entire process of developing the site when in fact it is just one of the processes.


2. What Is Web Development?

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Web development pertains to the construction of the website’s back end. Back end refers to the structure of the website that is not visible to the online users. It is what puts together the information and presentations that can be seen in a website.

While web design may not require codes or programming, web development do. Constructing the website’s back end requires programming. Web developers use dynamic scripting languages like PHP and ASP. Web development is a more complex process compared to web design.



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Web design and web development are two different things. They are performed in different ways and they require different process. While the two may be closely related, they should not be used interchangeably.

As someone who needs a service like web design and web development, it is important that there is a clear distinction between the two. Confusion of these two services will lead to signing up for a wrong service. Instead of getting a web design job, you may end up signing up for a web development service.

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