Best Website Builder For Artists

12 Best Website Builder For Artists

Empower your artistry online with the best website builder for artists. Create a stunning showcase for your creativity effortlessly.

The technical stuff can get pretty boring with times. When you search for how to build a website for artists then of course the results won’t leave you quite excited.

But here is a complete research for the best website builder for the artists and thus this will save some of your precious time and efforts.

But before jumping on to some of the best website builders, you must know, what they actually do? So, here let’s have a look at what these website builders actually do.

Website builders are known to be some of the best platforms where the websites can be created within few hours without the use of any codes.

Website builders are highly recommended especially for artists because in this case website builders will concentrate fully on the technical part whereas the artist can continue with their creative part.

And the most important part is that most website builders know how to convert the design or the creative part to the earning or the dollar part.

Best Website Builder For Artists

Now, being an artists you might be asking yourself why do I need a website builder and in the first place why do I need a website. So, here we have covered some of the most basic reasons of why an artist need a website :

  • Showcasing The Work : Online portfolio allows the user to showcase the work in the best possible way. This way the artist gets a professional platform to put up his work.
  • Personal Brand Building : In case you want to position yourself as a brand, website comes in handy. This is the place where you can display all your information.
  • More Exposure :  Once you get on the internet then obviously you will have more of customers as well. Even you could also get some potential clients as well.
  • Sell Online : And once when you have earned clients then you can obviously begin selling your products online. Selling products online has a number of benefits. This way you can reduce a number of costs and earn good margin over your selling price.
  • Direct Contact : The pro with creating website is that interested people can directly contact you without going though the hassle of getting through middleman. This is both time consuming and cost saving.
  • Work Speaks : Much more than a resume what speaks is your work. And you can display your work beautifully at the website.
  • Viral : In case you are viral enough there is a higher chance that all of your products will not only get sold but they can also get out of stock too.

Now, The Million Dollar Question Is How Can You Make An Art Portfolio

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Building an art portfolio isn’t quite hard. It will take you only few minutes to build the art portfolio. And with a credible website builder it’s a matter of only few hours. Get ready to witness how you can build an art portfolio from scratch :

  • Buy a domain name : Namecheap
  • Open a free account with a site builder. It is better to begin with the free one at the start
  • Check the templates and begin by choosing at least one
  • Select and upload some of your best works along with a brief written description
  • Also, add the additional information required and the content part too
  • Connect your website with the social media channels
  • Ask for feedback from your consumers and your friends too
  • Connect with your domain name and upgrade to a paid plan
  • Finally, promote your portfolio at different channels

There are two basic categories in which the website builders can be divided. One of them is showcasing the art and the other is selling the art.

The point to be noted here is that the website building depends upon various points other than what technical people think. For others regular website building is all about SEO, ranking, keywords and much more. But for artists it is also about the creative part, design and the affordability part.

Some Of The Best And Topmost Website Builders For Showcasing Art Are

  1. Squarespace : One of the all round and best website builder for artists
  2. Weebly : Well known for the affordable part
  3. Wix : Well Known for best SEO support
  4. Duda : One of the best designed templates
  5. GoDaddy : Quickest ways to build up the website
  6. Strikingly : Best for after support services
  7. : Easy on Pocket but with limited features

Some Of The Best And Topmost Website Builders For Selling Art Are

  1. Shopify : Best E Commerce Platform in overall category
  2. WixEcommerce : Best Website builder with Ecommerce Functionality
  3. BigCommerce : Best In-Built features
  4. SquareSpace Ecommerce : Topmost E design
  5. Weebly Ecommerce : One of the website for best value for money

Your final choice of the website builder party will depend upon your design content and what kind of an objective you have in mind with the website builder.

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